Ongoing efforts to house vulnerable homeless residents are now paving the way for the county’s 100-Day Challenge to end senior homelessness. The 100-Day Challenge will transition more than 140 seniors from the emergency hotel and motel program into permanent housing, while also providing needed wraparound services.

The state selected the County of Riverside as one of four counties participating in the first group of the Rapid Result Institute’s 100-Day Challenges, launched by Governor Gavin Newsom. Through the challenge, the county will transition seniors aged 65 and older into permanent housing by Sept. 3.

To meet the goal, the county will use existing programs dedicated to connecting seniors to housing, including the county’s use of Project RoomKey, the state-initiated program to protect high-risk individuals, prevent the spread of COVID-19 in communities, and maintain bed capacity in hospitals.

“This challenge allows us the opportunity to unite efforts and ultimately provide seniors with the tools and assistance they need to avoid becoming homeless in the first place,” said Heidi Marshall, director of Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Workforce Solutions. “We are excited to continue this great work as we exit seniors out of hotels and motels and into permanent housing.”

The county’s Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Workforce Solutions department will lead the efforts in partnership with a team from multiple disciplines, including Riverside University Health System—Behavioral Health and Public Health, Department of Public Social Services, Office on Aging, Housing Authority, as well as city and nonprofit partners.

Residents with rental properties interested in helping seniors and their families overcome the challenges of homelessness and lead independent lives may contact Housing Navigation Coordinator Lindsay Sisti at (951) 343-5605, or by email at

For more information on the 100-Day Challenge or Project RoomKey, please contact Tanya Torno at (951) 343-5421, or by email at


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