Desert Sands Unified School District is excited to announce our One to World device initiative titled Connect. This initiative will launch at the start of the 2018/2019 school year at all of our middle and high schools and a few of our elementary schools. During the 2019/2020 school year all students in grades two through 12 will participate in the initiative.

At DSUSD, we understand that learning today is not limited to the school day.  The one-to-world Connect initiative levels the playing field for all students by providing equity through access. Students in DSUSD who don’t currently have access to a device or wifi at home do not have the same opportunities to extend their learning and explore the curiosity sparked in the classroom as those students who can connect to the internet at home. Connect by Desert Sands opens up the world to all students by ensuring that each student is empowered and has access to a device and the ability to connect to the internet any time and any where.

Chromebooks are the district adopted device for all second through twelfth grade students and will be issued each year right alongside textbooks. Students and parents will be required to sign the district’s Responsible Use Policy, that is already a part of each student’s back-to-school packet, prior to being issued a district device. Those students needing a wifi connection at home will also be issued a mifi device so they can connect to the district’s network. Students using this method of connection will be given enough high speed internet to meet their educational needs but not enough to serve as a replacement for a home entertainment solution. In an effort to ensure student online safety, this connection will be filtered and monitored just as it is during the school day.

In order to meet the demands of the 21st century, Connect extends the classroom experience and fosters creativity and innovation, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.  These life skills are cultivated best in an environment where technology is purposefully and effectively integrated into the learning cycle. The Connect initiative includes a three-year staff development plan to better equip teachers to use technology in a way that positively influences student outcomes.

Connect will also enhance personalized learning opportunities for DSUSD students. Access to a device and connection to the internet affords all students choice. This initiative will enable DSUSD to offer more personalized learning experiences where students are in control of the place, space, and pace associated with their education. We know that as humans we don’t all learn the same way or at the same pace. Learning in a true one-to-one environment allows greater opportunity for teachers to differentiate lessons and for students to learn in a way that meets their learning style.

The Connect initiative further enhances the DSUSD commitment to support students on their journey toward college, career, and life readiness. We understand that this support is best done in partnership with families. In preparation for the launch of the Connect initiative, DSUSD will be planning several parent information nights at the district and at individual school sites.  Additionally, a website is under construction that will serve as a chromebook support for families and students.

At DSUSD we are committed to our students and we are thrilled to announce this important initiative and to open the up a world of learning to our students as they Connect: Powered by Desert Sands unified School District.