Recent blood donation at LifeStream could have saved a life

The text alert that appeared on my phone at 9:32 a.m. Sunday sent chills down my spine. “Thank you for being a lifesaver!” the message stated. “Your donation has gone to a local hospital.”

It was welcome news.

I always wonder if after the blood is screened, where it goes, if it’s usable and will it help someone.

“Your blood donation has been sent to Riverside University Health System to assist one or more patients requiring blood transfusions.”

I recently donated blood during the 10th annual ‘9 Cities Challenge’ that runs until Wednesday, Aug. 31. It is one of my favorite summer events. It takes such little effort to do so much good.

It is a privilege to donate. It literally took only 5 minutes and 36 seconds to draw a unit of blood. The reward is priceless.

This year the competition is taking place at a critical time of need, as summer is one of the most challenging times for blood collection. With the ongoing blood shortage, the goal of this two-month initiative is to benefit patients in need who are in peril without a safe, ample blood supply. LifeStream is the exclusive blood provider for Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Eisenhower Health in Rancho Mirage and JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio.

At the time this was written, a total of 494 pints of blood have been donated during the challenge. Palm Desert is leading the competition with 110 donations.

For donor center locations and hours and to schedule an appointment, click here.