5 Incredible Ways Using Solar Energy Protects the Environment

Using solar energy has many benefits. If you know a little about solar energy, you’ve probably heard about how this type of power helps you save money. Whether a business or home uses solar energy, either property lowers dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. Since solar power comes from the sun’s rays, it’s also a free source of energy.

But the benefits of using solar power extend far beyond saving money. As time goes on, people worldwide are only beginning to realize how much solar energy helps our planet. It’s now time to learn more about the incredibly positive impacts of using solar power.

Here are five incredible ways solar energy benefits the environment.

1. Reduces Your Dependence on Fossil Fuels

One of solar energy’s most important benefits has to do with fossil fuels. These types of fuels are current energy sources for many commercial and residential properties. While these energy sources provide power now, things aren’t going to stay that way. It might surprise you how soon fossil fuels become a thing of the past.

5 Ways Solar Energy Protects the Environment

According to recent data from the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere, the Earth will have no more natural gas by 2060. This same study found that things look even worse for the Earth’s oil supply, which will deplete itself by 2052. While many people know that fossil fuels will eventually run out, not many people are unaware of how soon this will happen.

2. Applicable Everywhere

What’s also great about solar energy is that it’s available everywhere. This isn’t the case when it comes to nonrenewable energy sources like oil and natural gas. With fossil fuels only available in certain areas of the world, this makes it hard for everyone to have access to energy and clean water.

Another point to consider is that using solar energy doesn’t require damaging areas of land and water. Unfortunately, work crews have to demolish the land around them to collect fossil fuels. Because solar energy comes from the sun, there’s no need to damage anything on this planet to gain energy from it.

3. Helps Prevent Water Scarcity Worldwide

While learning about solar power, you’ll hear a lot about how it provides energy. According to this guide from electricalschool.org, the future for this energy source looks bright. However, you might be unaware that this type of energy is also helping improve one of the world’s largest problems: water scarcity.

5 Ways Solar Energy Protects the Environment

Research from the United Nations shows that almost 1.2 billion people live in areas where water is scarce. That’s about one-fifth of the Earth’s population. Fortunately, researchers throughout the world are using solar power as a solution to water scarcity.

One reason for this problem is that many places in the world can’t afford the power needed to clean their water supplies. Fortunately, some of the world’s smartest minds are working to use solar power as a solution to this problem. And they’re making lots of developments to make solar energy readily available to these areas of the world.

Researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology recently found a way to use solar power to improve clean water scarcity. This process comes from using a layer of hydrophobic membranes and the process of heat conduction. Next, water and heat pass through this desalination system to turn saltwater into clean water.

What’s notable about this invention is that it’s capable of generating up to 1.64 liters of clean water per square meter of solar surface each hour.

4. Decreases Greenhouse Gases

You’ve learned about how the use of solar energy reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. What makes this even better is that using solar power also helps decrease the presence of greenhouse gases.

5 Ways Solar Energy Protects the Environment

Reduce CO2

Greenhouse gas is the name given to a group of gases that trap heat within the Earth’s atmosphere. Several common types of greenhouse gases are methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. When you’re using fossil fuels, it leads to the emission of greenhouse gases.

There are many negative effects associated with greenhouse gases. These gases lead to the formation of extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They also contribute to the growing problem of climate change.

5. No Air Pollution

Solar energy also helps drastically reduce air pollution. When you use solar power as your primary energy source, your property emits fewer greenhouse gases. Since greenhouse gases are one of air pollution’s main causes, solar energy can reduce this growing problem.

5 Ways Solar Energy Protects the Environment

Air pollution is also a key contributor to some of the world’s biggest problems. Polluted air can damage food supplies, causing food scarcity issues. This type of air also contributes to wildfires like the ones recently seen throughout California.

Having polluted air in the atmosphere also contributes to the formation and worsening of respiratory issues. Shockingly, air pollution accounts for one in eight deaths worldwide.

Fortunately, the increasing adoption and use of solar power throughout the world is helping to end air pollution. However, it will take time before this type of pollution ends. One of the main factors that can speed up the reduction of air pollution is for more people to adopt solar energy.

As you can see, solar energy continues to change the world for the better. If you’re looking for a more efficient and clean source of power, consider using solar energy.