A longtime volunteer stood vigil over the Healing Field in Cathedral City on Monday.

Visibly shaken, she gazed at the flags waving in wind, each representing a fallen hero.

“I thought maybe this year it would get easier,” she said quietly. “It doesn’t.”

There is a message on which passersby can write a heartfelt message. There are messages to fathers and loved lost in the fog of war. It is heartbreaking.

The Healing Field, located at Dinah Shore Drive and Date Palm Drive, is one f the most beautiful and stunning tributes to our nation’s men and women in uniform. It is created each year to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to our country since September 2001.

The Healing Field is located in Patriot Park. It opened Sunday with opening ceremonies followed by the reading of names and a static display of more than 6,000 American flags representing the fallen heroes.  Closing Ceremonies are Saturday, Nov. 12 at noon.

The Cathedral City Rotary needs to raise additional funds to repair, replace, and purchase new flags at this annual event.

The event is organized by the Cathedral City Rotary and sponsored by the City of Cathedral City.