Assemblymember Greg Wallis has named his former boss’ wife Woman of the Year

SACRAMENTO — Greg Wallis, Assemblymember for the 47th Assembly District, on March 21 announced that he selected Dr. Andis Almasi as the 47th District Woman of the Year for this year’s Women Making Herstory ceremony.

“Almasi is a pediatric dentist specializing in anxiety relief for children with a focus on helping underserved communities,” announced on Twitter.

What Wallis did not say is that Almasi is married to his former boss, former Assemblymember Chad Mayes, who did not seek reelection in 2022. Wallis was a longtime district advisor for Mayes.

That hit a nerve with some constituents.

One critic called Wallis’ selection, “Nepotism at work.”

Difficult to say.

Almasi is an accomplished woman in her own right.

Almasi is a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist. She specializes in behavior management and anxiety relief for children. At her Rancho Mirage-based Teddy Dental, she and her staff enjoy working with patients with special healthcare needs.

Her educational background, including a master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and two years of post-doctoral Pediatric Dental training at New York University, enables her to apply new research to ensure her patients receive the most advanced dental care.

She is passionate about working with underserved communities and providing dental care for children and oral health education for families.

She is committed to several humanitarian organizations locally and across the globe. She has provided oral healthcare to children in Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Jamaica.

Almasi and her husband, Chad Mayes, live in Rancho Mirage.




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