Santa Claus is gearing up a long night on Christmas Eve and we wanted to know how he pulls it off

The countdown is on to Christmas Eve when Santa Claus and his reindeer make the rounds to boys and girls attempting to fill their wishes.

Just how does it do it?

We reached out to the jolly old elf to see what we could learn.

Uken Report (UR): How do you prepare to deliver all the presents to the boys and girls? Do you sleep a lot?

Santa Claus: I eat all my vegetables that Mrs. Claus makes for me, so I stay healthy and strong for Christmas Eve. I get a good night’s sleep every night.

UR: Does it get cold flying around in the sleigh?

Santa Claus: Yes!  It’s something you don’t hear about a lot but flying on December 24th at high speeds and high altitudes makes for a very cold trip. Mrs. Claus has her own Christmas magic that makes my suit extra warm, but there are certain gifts that I can’t deliver in the sleigh because of the cold temperatures. Mainly pets like cats and dogs.

UR: Of all the cookies that children leave out for you, what is your favorite?

Santa Claus: I love ALL cookies from children. My two favorite kinds are homemade and store-bought.

UR: How many cookies do you estimate you eat on Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus: I’ll never tell because it will get back to Mrs. Claus.

UR: Do you ever get an upset stomach from eating all those cookies?

Santa Claus: Let’s just say that the emergency kit in the glove box in the sleigh contains some Pepto.

UR: How many miles do you fly on Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus: Great question, I’ve never actually measured it. The reindeer have unlimited mileage, so I’ve never needed to know.

UR: Do you have a favorite town, or state to visit? If so, why?

Santa Claus: I love to visit Greater Palm Springs and other warm climate places where people decorate palm trees with holiday lights! It’s so different from the North Pole. The reindeer also love to practice their non-snow rooftop landings.

UR: What does Mrs. Claus do while you’re delivering gifts?

Santa Claus: I’ve asked her this before and she usually changes the subject. I suspect that she sends the elves to bed, then takes a long, hot bubble bath and flips on the Hallmark Channel. She does keep an eye on the Santa Tracker, so she knows when I’ll be home.

UR: How long do you sleep when you get back to the North Pole?

Santa Claus: Most of Christmas Day I’m curled up in bed. I get up in the afternoon to help Mrs. Claus set out Christmas Dinner. Then we both tuck in early and talk about where to go on vacation.

UR: What is your favorite part of Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus: Hearing people sing Christmas carols is always so wonderful. I also love seeing families reunite and hug each other especially when they haven’t seen each other for a long time. But my favorite by far is hearing about people who choose to spend their time helping others, through acts of charity for those needing help, or even people working a holiday shift to take care of customers and bring home a paycheck to support their families.

UR: Have you ever gotten stuck in a chimney? How did you get out?

Santa Claus: Christmas magic is so consistent when it comes to chimneys. I’ve never been stuck, thankfully. I’m a bit “Claus”trophobic.

UR: Is there anything you would like to add?

Santa Claus: Just an encouragement to everyone to keep the spirit of Christmas in your hearts all year long. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Editor’s note: This interview was made possible by Gregory Little and Laura Hunt Little of La Quinta.


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