Bermuda Dunes Community Clean-Up and Paper Shredding Event Scheduled Saturday

BERMUDA DUNES – In another effort to help clean up the region, Riverside County will hold a free community clean-up and paper shredding event for residents within the unincorporated community of Bermuda Dunes on Saturday, Feb. 18.

The event will give residents of Bermuda Dunes the opportunity to dispose of bulky waste items such as furniture, appliances, tires, and more, and shred papers for free.

The items will be accepted from 8 a.m. to noon at the Bermuda Dunes Airport in Bermuda Dunes, 79-880 Avenue 42.

Residents will need to unload their waste items out of their vehicle.

Similar clean-up events have been held or announced in Indio Hills, Blythe, Pinyon Communities, Cathedral City, Coachella, Mecca, Mesa Verde, Carver Tract and Desert Center.

“These clean-ups help the community,” said Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. “They provide a service to residents, who want to dispose of items that have accumulated over the past few months. These events also help keep our communities clean and, as a free resource, they provide an alternative to illegal dumping.”

Accepted bulky items include tires – up to nine per trip, furniture, appliances, bundled tree limbs and branches, and electronic waste.

Up to five boxes of documents will be accepted for shredding. No binders will be accepted.

Hazardous materials will NOT be accepted, including batteries, pool chemicals, transmission and brake fluids, herbicides, fertilizers, gasoline, motor parts, fluorescent light bulbs, paint, antifreeze, engines, motor oil, tub and tile cleaners and bleach.

Up to 15 gallons, or 125 pounds, of the above household hazardous waste items can be taken for free to the Waste Resources Department’s permanent collection site in Palm Springs, 1100 Vella Rd. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on non-holiday weekend Saturdays, and at temporary sites throughout the year. More information is available at or by calling 951-486-3200.

Treated Wood Waste (TWW), such as fence posts and railroad ties, is also considered hazardous and is not accepted at clean-ups or household hazardous waste collections.

The Bermuda Dunes Community Clean-Up and Paper Shredding event is hosted by the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources and Burrtec Waste & Recycling Services, with the support of Supervisor Perez.


Image Sources

  • Old tires, waste: Pexels, Emilie Leenaerts