In a recent interview with former Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono, it seemed clear — at least in that moment  — that she had moved on from politics in her former 36th Congressional District.

I tried unsuccessfully to get her opinions on the four Republican candidates vying for the Republican nod to challenge Democratic U.S. Rep. Dr. Raul Ruiz in November.

She refused.

“I’m not dabbling in politics in my old congressional district,” she said firmly. “That’s just not what I do anymore. I don’t need to grind an ax with (Congressman Raul) Ruiz. Cindy, I have passions in Washington, D.C., that I work on every day.”

On Feb. 1, much to the delight of Dan Ball, one of the four GOP candidates, Bono chose to dabble in a big-time way. She bestowed on him a full-throated endorsement while subtly — or not — taking a jab at Ruiz.

“Common-sense leadership is noticeably absent in Washington, and we need a strong leader who can cut through the partisanship and bickering and get things done for California families,” Bono said in her prepared statement”

Oh, yeah. That’s a dabble.

And, from all indications, her support won’t stop with an endorsement.

“We anticipate fundraising on his behalf,” Ball’s campaign consultant confirmed for Uken Report.

That would be more than a dabble. That would be full-on involvement.

Knowing a congressional district is of highest importance and Ball has that knowledge and experience, Bono added in her endorsement.

Ball has lived in the Coachella Valley on and off for 21 years, he said. He has lived in La Quinta, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert and Indio.

While Bono assists Ball, she remains active in her newfound passions, one of which is sexual harassment. Another is the opioid epidemic. She has been working on the latter issue for about 12 years she said. She recently testified before the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. She, along with Patrick Kennedy were part of an Expert Panel to Discuss the National Opioid Emergency and Need for Medication Assisted Treatment.

In March 2013, Bono joined FaegreBD Consulting, a Washington-based lobbying firm on K Street.

Bono married Stephen Scot Oswald, a former NASA astronaut, in 2015.