ORLANDO, FLA. — I voted by mail with good thoughts for my friends who are running and wishing the best for California. Once that was done I jumped on a plane and am now in Orlando, Florida, representing the six  counties of Southern California at the National Association of Regional Councils. There are people here from throughout the country.

We will be in sessions on public safety, environment, civil discourse, transportation and other topics. Always interesting to get opinions from others around the nation and reminds me that even though Southern California is best, we don’t have all the answers.

Biggest thing in Washington this week has been the President’s attorneys are saying 1) a president cannot be indicted while in office and 2) a president can pardon himself. Even today Trump himself, says “I have absolute power to pardon myself”. Response so far from Speaker of the House and President of the Senate — CRICKETS!

The US/North Korea summit seems to be progressing, but no word as to what, if any, preparation Trump is doing. The only news is that Mrs. trump will not be joining her husband. Hmmmmm. Oh, almost forgot, they are still trying to determine who will pay for the North Korean delegation. For the Olympics and Paralympics, South Korea payed just under $400,000 for the North’s group. Singapore has offered to pay some but no word on balance.

On the trade side, if you have a purchase to be made, do it now. Major tariffs are about to start. Trump has announced major penalties for México, Canada, China and the European Union. I notice a lot of our friends but Russia is not on the list. Most of the tariffs are on steel and aluminum, so cars, planes and other bigger ticket items.

Locally, there is some movement by the state to allow bars and nightclubs in Palm Springs to stay open till 4 a.m. Not sure what I think about that. Do you have any thoughts?

Thank you to the Cathedral City business community for coming together and donating all the funds necessary to send the Cathedral City High School Choir to Rome at the end of the month. They will spend nine days in Rome, Pisa and Florence, including performing at the Basilica in Rome. The kids are thrilled and ready to represent all of us.

California to Washington, D.C. and Back to Cathedral City


That’s it for now. Keep fighting, RESIST!