One month after the abrupt exit of Rich “Da Coach” Gilgallon – and the cancellation of “Hot Talk” on KNEWS 94.3 and 104.7 — Gilgallon’s sidekick, Paul Cashin, has left the building and not willingly.

His position, program director, was eliminated, Uken Report has confirmed.

Cashin Ousted as Program Director at Alpha Media

Rich “Da Coach” Gilgallon and Paul Cashin

It’s likely not the kind of fireworks Cashin expected for the holiday.

Is it more fallout from the train wreck of political smear that played out over the airwaves, or just coincidence?

You can draw your own conclusions.

The dual departures follow vitriolic attacks on a Republican congressional candidate that bordered on slander, threats of a lawsuit, at least two complaints filed against the station and personalities with the Federal Communications Commission and more.

The crème de la crème of the entire debacle was an apology from the CEO of Alpha Media. The move, which was nothing short of classy, told the listening audience all it needed to know.

Despite local attempts to put lipstick on the pig, it didn’t work.

First, the public was told Gilgallon was on vacation and likely out playing golf. Listeners were told when one of the personalities was on vacation the other would be gone as well since they were a team. The public was also told they would be back the following Monday.

Well, that Monday came and went and Gilgallon never did come back.

Once again, the public was misled. Listeners were told he left to take a job with a friend out of state. His fan club – the East Valley Republican Women Federated – held a going away party for him, charging people $20 per head to give to Gilgallon.

Now, we learn he’s going nowhere.

He will start his own audio/video podcast in the Coachella Valley. It is set to start Monday. And, from where else but the East Valley Republican Women Federated headquarters in La Quinta?

As one Republican mused Tuesday, “The Republican women held a fundraiser to send him on his way, wonder what happened to that money. Or, maybe there wasn’t any.”