Change happens all the time. Some embrace it, others don’t. Personally, I have embraced the change in my life and the ultimate result was transformation. It all happened within the confines of the Cathedral City Police Department.

For the past eight weeks every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. I’ve been a part of a group of individuals committed to learn a perspective not often offered to residents with so much transparency. This perspective is the work of our local Police —in this case the Cathedral City Police Department.

The Cathedral City Police Department has put on three classes where the goal was to educate, inform, and share information of the everyday operations of the department.

This was a first for me since I wasn’t always on the same common ground as the law. My perspective was based on my experiences and the experiences I heard through others in the community.

The Cathedral City Community Police Academy is great start to see first hand the changes and transparency in our police department. The officers who patrol or lead their units in the field teach the classes.

During the eight weeks we learned about crime in our local community, dispatch, 911 calls, professional standard bureau formally known as Internal Affairs, cost of equipment, budgets, legislature changes and the effects on police departments, Riverside Auto theft Interdiction Detail (R.A.I.D), Traffic Bureau, Gangs, Investigations, forensics and SWAT. All of these classes provided a “why” behind the “what” with a real perspective on police work in our community.

I applaud Police Chief Travis Walker and his team for bridging the gap between the Cathedral City Police Department and the residents of Cathedral City. I encourage all residents in Cathedral City to take advantage of this class. It’s a must!

To learn more about this free, hands-on Community Police Academy, click here.




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