Cathedral City Police Officer’s Association calls on Ernesto Gutierrez to resign immediately

CCPOA Calls for Councilman Gutierrez to Resign

Councilmember Ernesto Gutierrez

CATHEDRAL CITY — On Saturday morning, the Cathedral City Police Officer’s Association called for Councilmember Ernesto Gutierrez’s immediate resignation from the City Council “since he has shown time and time again that he is not a man for the people, but for his own financial gain.”

Gutierrez was elected by the voters to the serve on the City Council in November 2018. He was re-elected to the City Council in 2022.

“There is absolutely no, no, no way I will resign,” Gutierrez told Uken Report in a phone call.  “This is beyond ridiculous to make comments so stupid.”

The fracas stems a controversial alley reconstruction project that just happens to run near Gutierrez’s restaurant. The Council approved it 3-1-1. Councilmember Raymond Gregory voted no; Gutierrez abstained.

While considering a $970,221 contract to pay for roadway Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) throughout Cathedral City, Councilmember Raymond Gregory asked how an alley reconstruction project got added to the list seemingly at the last minute.

The alley in question runs behind Tortillas Restaurant, which is located at 32123 Cathedral Canyon Drive. Gutierrez owns it. The alley is located south of Ramon Road, west of Cathedral Canyon Drive and near Roundup Road.

Gutierrez said the repairs should have been done three years ago. He told Uken Report that has paved that alley more times than the city and used money “out of his own pocket.”

Gutierrez also claims Gregory never did his homework.

This is a stark reminder of why the CCPOA began a campaign to remove Ernesto from the Cathedral City Council, CCPOA President Jesse Borrego said in a text message to Uken Report. The CCPOA lobbied unsuccessfully to oust Gutierrez in November.

“His lack of leadership and integrity was very evident after many discussions with the constituents of his district and local business leaders,” Borrego said. “For Ernesto Gutierrez to deny his involvement in influencing this project to move forward is a flat out lie and quite frankly a slap in the face to the residents of Cathedral City. I’m sure if a public information request was conducted for emails of Gutierrez, some type of evidence would Be found of his improprieties.”

The CCPOA is asking for Gutierrez immediate resignation from the City Council Board since he has shown time and time again that he is not a man for the people, but for his own financial gain.

“Gutierrez is a seasoned businessman with multiple home sales and business experience,” Borrego said. “For him to deny knowing this project wouldn’t raise his property value is a lie.”

The councilmember said he is working hard and is doing everything possible to help the city while “getting paid peanuts.” Police on the other hand get paid for everything they do.”

Gutierrez took time at last week’s City Council meeting to vent his frustration.

There are rumblings — and only rumblings — that if he doesn’t resign, some may start a recall campaign.

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