World Environment Day, celebrated every year on June  5, is the United Nations’ primary tool  for encouraging awareness and action to protect the environment.

World Environment Day  has become a global platform for public outreach, with more than 143 countries participating annually.  First organized in 1974, it has been a major campaign for environmental issues ranging from marine pollution, human overgrowth, and raising awareness about global warming, sustainable consumption, and wildlife crime.

Each year a different country hosts the day. This year, Pakistan announced that it will host World Environment Day 2021 in partnership with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). This year’s observance of World Environment Day will be on the theme of ‘ecosystem restoration’ and focus on resetting our relation with nature. It will also mark the formal launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030.

World Environment Day 2021 is widely celebrated in more than 150 countries. It is popularly being called “People’s Day” to show their care and support for the Earth and their environment.

World Environment Day can be celebrated in many ways; sensitizing the locals about the growing environmental conditions and suggesting ways to prevent them, organizing plays, quizzes, tree plantings, lectures and a children’s poster competition are quite popular on this day.

World Environment Day urges all of us to protect our natural surroundings. Why? Because an estimated 7 million people die each year from causes related to air pollution, with a majority occurring in the Asia-Pacific region. This day encourages worldwide activism. That means everything from littering to climate change. World Environment Day is both a global celebration and a platform for public outreach.

China, which now owns half the world’s electric vehicles and 99% of the world’s electric buses, hosted the 2019 event. “The country has demonstrated tremendous leadership in tackling air pollution domestically,” Acting Head of UN Environment Joyce Msuya told “It can now help spur the world to greater action.”

The day has been embraced by people everywhere, so much so that it’s even slowly creeping into pop culture .Celebrities around the world all encourage people, in their own unique way, to do their part and “save the world.” Fan-favorites Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep are some of the many who constantly speak out about environmental awareness.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a famous actor, an athlete or a student in college: gather your friends and spend a day outdoors doing fun activities towards preserving this beautiful planet.

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