There is a contest in only one of three Cathedral City Districts, but three candidates have surfaced

CATHEDRAL CITY — For the first time in eight years, two candidates, both of whom are incumbents, have no challengers in their bids for another four-year term on the City Council.

Neither Mark Carnevale representing District 3 nor Raymond Gregory in District 5 face opposition in the run up to the Nov. 8 election.

The last time a candidate in Cathedral City ran unopposed was in 2014 when Stan Henry ran for mayor, City Clerk Tracey Hermosillo said. Henry also ran unopposed in 2016.

District 4, however, is a different story. Three people have qualified for the seat now held by first-term incumbent Ernesto Gutierrez. He will be challenged by Rick Saldivar, a pastor, and David Koslow, a retired art professional.

Challengers Fail to Emerge in 2 Cathedral City Districts

Mark Carnevale

Carnevale told Uken Report he is “honored” to serve Cathedral City for four more years. He will be mayor pro tem in 2023 and mayor in 2024, per the annual rotation schedule.

“I’m excited about that,” he said.

“But there’s much more work to be done north of Interstate 10,” Carnevale said. “I’d like to see that developed. I’d like to see the Date Palm Drive corridor built up from the freeway to Ramon.”

First and foremost, Carnevale said the priority is to continue to serve the city with the best police and fire departments.

“I also feel that this Council has worked well together and has performed through some really tough challenges, like Short-term vacation rental elimination,” Carnevale said.

Challengers Fail to Emerge in 2 Cathedral City Districts

Raymond Gregory

Gregory, who is completing his first term in office, told Uken Report that, “Without reading too much into the fact no one filed to run against me in the council election this year for District 5 in Cathedral City, I like to think that my hard work and devotion to the needs of our neighborhoods was recognized, and our local voters appreciate the balanced approach I demonstrate when faced with issues.”

With redistricting after the Census, District 5 now includes additional neighborhoods, Panorama, La Pasada, Rio Vista East, Park David, and Verano.

“I have consistently advocated for strong public safety, healthy activities for residents, reinvigorated infrastructure, and smart development, while trying to stretch our limited city funds so they are spent wisely and directed on real needs,” Gregory said. “I believe our residents and visitors deserve to enjoy a good quality of life and that the city should work hard to ensure that possibility.”




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