RANCHO MIRAGE —The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation in conjunction with animation company Wonder Media released on Wednesday the latest two episodes in the widely-utilized “Protect Yourself Rules” education program.  The two newest videos deal with the prevention and awareness of both physical bullying and cyber bullying and are geared toward children in grades 4-6.

The release of the new videos coincides with National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The “Protect Yourself Rules” Program was rolled out in 2017 and includes short 2-4 minute animated videos on child abuse prevention and awareness.  Videos have been developed for children in grades K-3 and grades 4-6.  In addition to the videos, teachers, counselors, parents and others have access to teaching and student materials.  All videos are available Free of Charge HERE  or via YouTube right HERE .

Four-time Gold Medalist Simone Biles, who was recently honored at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center’s Champion Honors Luncheon, said, “The anti-bullying videos by the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation are a great addition to the their “Protect Yourself Rules” videos. Bullying is a difficult issue to address, but the Sinatra Center has found an amazing way to influence change through these videos which can be seen by children all around the world.”

Since January of 2017, the YouTube views of the protection videos have reached approximately 9 million. Through teachers and counselors, schools in every U.S. state and many foreign countries have downloaded the videos for use in classrooms, and after-school programs. Many schools in the United States are using the animated videos for Personal Safety lessons in alignment with Erin’s Law.  In April of 2017, more than 2 million school-age children were shown the videos during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, according to surveys from nationwide school districts.

According to the FBI, “Bullying remains one of the largest problems in schools, with the percentage of students reportedly bullied at least once per week steadily increasing since 2000.”

Additionally, cyberbullying has become more rampant and has contributed to the suicide rate of children. John Thoresen, CEO of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, said, “We are most pleased with this latest addition to our animated video series.  Bullying both physical and cyber bullying has become an increasingly identified issue with our therapists at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center who treat children of abuse.  I also know how important prevention and awareness were to both Frank and Barbara Sinatra and they would be gratified with this latest example of outreach to the world.”

The animation was produced by Wonder Media who has worked with the Children’s Center Foundation for the past three years in the planning, development, and implementation of the videos.  To date there are 6 episodes for grades K-3 and with the addition of the 2 newest anti-bullying videos, there are 7 episodes for grades 4-6.  The age-appropriate animated characters feature children who interact with their school counselor, Ms. Barbara, who is the agent of change throughout.

The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation supports the mission of the Barbara Sinatra Center for Abused Children founded in 1986 by Barbara and Frank Sinatra, and works to focus on prevention, community education and breaking the cycle of generational abuse.  Since 1986 over 22,000 children have been treated at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.  The Children’s Center is located on the campus of the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California. www.bsccfoundation.org  www.barbarasinatrachildrenscenter.org.