Choral program participants quick to recover after pandemic.

Choral Program Revived at Cathedral City HighIn the wake of a period of time in our history when we created beautiful music despite the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic of 2020, my students and I wondered whether we would be able to resurrect our choral program to its former glory.

To learn that we wouldn’t be singing together for an unknown period of time, having just returned from an unforgettable trip and performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” with other choirs, Broadway cast/crew accompanied in 2020, we were hungry and quick to recover.

But alas, our spirit was irrepressibly strong.  Since then, we have garnered the Choral Sweepstakes and Festival Sweepstakes for two consecutive years (2022 and 2023) and taken a trip to Ireland in the spring of 2023, all organized by WorldStrides.

The students worked like never before, learning and performing an overwhelming amount of music to raise funds for these events.  In fact, one student who has had to overcome many hardships, received a sponsorship for his entire trip to Ireland!

Indeed, we are very grateful for the tremendous support of our school, choral program and surrounding business community.

Editor’s note: Former Mayor Gregory S. Pettis once referred to the choral students as the city’s future. He bequeathed $17,351.14 to the Palm Springs Unified School District Foundation in support of the Cathedral City High School Choir.



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