Let’s have peaceful protests are free of violence and injuries

America’s cities are bracing for Election Day results with protests across America. So are America’s county government sheriffs, fire chiefs, EMS, public or private ambulance crews, and National Guard members around the nation.

In some quarters, anarchists and rioters may be in the planning stages as well and pre-positioning rental trucks full of the gear they need. What kind of gear? TV news reporters have shown “protesters” pulling up in rental trucks after unpopular court decisions or unpopular grand jury findings this year. They offload protesters’ gear, including signs, banners, and other things.

Rioters have also tossed tuna cans at police and other law enforcement personnel, fire-bombed car lots, stores, laid siege to federal buildings, and blocked roads and bridges this year. Many law enforcement officers have been seriously injured as well.

Some merchants in places such as Beverly Hills are closing on Election Day. Some merchants will be removing merchandise from store windows across America and boarding up some public buildings as well.

These “peaceful protesters” looting stores, stealing merchandise, trashing streets, tossing rocks, bottles, and fire bombs are out of line. They breaking regulations, ordinances, and laws.

Why can they do this? Because your mayors tell the police chief to let them. Mayors are political figures. A former Chicago mayor once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” City aldermen, commissioners, or city council-members are all political animals as well. They have agendas and they can and do give orders to public safety leaders.

These elected politicians can be great people. Most of them are and try to make the places they serve better. However, others see a police department as something they “run.” The Mayor is like Geppetto and the police chief, “Pinocchio “ A mayor is the puppet master.

Sheriffs are elected officials in most states and counties. They cannot be told what to do by a county executive, county mayor, county supervisor, or county commissioner.

They can’t be fired for responding to a riot or looting situation and stopping that action with force if needed. Voters hire and fire them!

Maybe America and our states should take a look at electing police chiefs. Elected sheriffs are accountable to the voters. Elected chiefs of police would be as well. Elected law enforcement leaders come from professional ranks. Many have advanced degrees and certifications by states deeming them qualified to be senior leaders in public safety.

Let’s hope America’s Election Day is safe across the country. Let’s have peaceful protests that are free of violence and injuries. Let’s celebrate the election results peacefully. Let’s refrain from “crashing” a victory party and causing harm to our fellow Americans.

Let’s respect our law enforcement personnel, National Guard soldiers, firefighters, EMS staff, and not injure them.

Protesters have every right under our Constitution to assemble, march, shout, and raise a  little ruckus.

Rioting, looting, fire bombing, throwing empty bottles, lighting police cars on fire, hitting law enforcement, brandishing weapons, occupying city, state, or federal buildings, etc., is illegal. In most cities, red or blue, you do this stuff, you’ll get arrested.

Make election night and the days that follow peaceful. Respect the outcome of the Presidential election. If voter fraud is detected it will be investigated and solved in legal proceedings.

We live in a great country. We are the envy of the world. Let’s show the world we stand for free and fair elections and peaceful transitions. Let freedom ring!

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