Classroom Conversations, a Facebook Live program

Take the Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD) logo of circles in red, blue, and yellow, convert them to arrows and put them inside a larger circle of purple arrows, the color that represents the Desert Sands Educational Foundation (DSEF), and you have the logo for Classroom Conversations, a Facebook Live program that airs at 9 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday.

Makes for a nice visual but what does it actually mean? It is your invitation to join host Sean Webb, Desert Sands Unified School District’s Director of Community Engagement and Desert Sands Educational Foundation’s Director for some interesting and engaging repartee with members of the community, staff members, and students on issues of concern, importance, or just plain fun.

Classroom Conversations: What to Discuss?

Classroom Conversations Logo

Sean’s co-host for Classroom Conversations is Chef Mary Trimmins, retired staff member from the culinary arts program at La Quinta High School, member of the DSEF board and chef and consultant at Big Bear’s Summit and Bear Mountain resorts. They make for a great team as they bring out the best in each of their guests. The duo began their program as a way to share some of the positive happenings throughout the district. Classroom Conversations has evolved into an important means of sharing information of importance and value to our families.

In recent weeks they brought you a conversation with Kristen Wood that was all about the upcoming survey that will provide thoughts and opinions from families, students, and the community for the annual LCAP/LCP. Don’t know what that means? Find out more here. Do you think you know everything there is to know about the federally funded school meal program? Maybe not? Watch this video to learn more ( How about the recent shout out to La Quinta High School student Alyssa Torres and her school supply drive – featured here! ( Are you ready for CAMFest? It is being held virtually this year for an entire week. Sean and Chef Mary brought you the details and you can find them at

There is more yet to come as the dynamic duo bring you conversations on serious issues such as distance learning to some fun footage of physical education in the form of dancing. Have a question? Want to hear from a staff member, a student, a parent, a member of the community…reach out to Sean at the email below and he will bring the topic to you. What do you want to talk about?

Join the conversation on Desert Sands Unified School District’s social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @DesertSandsUSD.


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