Coachella City Manager Bill Pattison Announces Retirement

COACHELLA – After 10 years of employment with the city of Coachella, City Manager Bill Pattison announces his retirement.  The Coachella City Manager is the fifth City Manager in the Coachella Valley to announce their retirement since this past summer.

After serving as City Manager of Coachella Valley’s largest city, Indio, for three years, Mark Scott announced his retirement effective Aug. 15.

In August, Palm Desert City Manager Lauri Aylaian announced her retirement effective Nov. 20.

Palm Springs City Manager David H. Ready Ready announced his retirement after nearly 21 years of service to the people of Palm Springs. His last day on the job will be Dec. 31, 2020.

In November, Desert Hot Springs City Manager Charles Maynard announced his resignation.

Pattison announced his retirement after spending 10 of his 28 years of public service at the city of Coachella. His last day on the job will be Dec. 30, 2020.

“I would like to thank the City Council and City Staff for their support and dedication to the City and to each other over that past 10 years of service as the Finance Director and City Manager,” Pattison said in  a prepared statement. “Serving as the city of Coachella City Manager has been the high point of my professional career and I am very proud of what we have accomplished for the City and its residents.  The transformation in the City has been remarkable due to capital projects such as the new Coachella Library, the expansion and remodel of the Senior Center, and the revitalization of the 6th Street corridor.”

When the City hired Pattison in August 2010, the City at the time had fiscal challenges and that time.  Pattison was tasked with bring the city current on its audits which were two years behind and clear out all of the single audit findings. Being a CPA and having a specialty for solving financial puzzles like this, Pattison righted the city’s fiscal ship within eight months of his appointment, according to a news release.

Additionally, since Pattison’s employment began, the city has seen its reserves grow from $6.5 million to $16.5 million.

Responsible for oversight of the city’s $24.2 million budget, the future the City looking bright.  With what will be considered a main focal point will be Pueblo Viejo Villas, a $47 million development that features a three-story building that consist of 105 affordable apartments for low-income families at the northeast intersection of Cesar Chavez and 6th Street.  This development will also include a street facing retail component, suited for local small businesses needing retail or office space.

To book end the Pueblo Viejo Villas within the Pueblo Viejo Revitalization Plan, under Pattison’s leadership, the City was awarded a $3.19 million by California’s Natural Resources Agency for a $5 million Urban Greening Project.  This project’s aim is to assist a flood prone area by adding Bioswales with a 220,000 gallon stormwater retention, beautifying the space with approximately 288 trees and creating pedestrian connectivity, assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

“The City has seen unparalleled growth under Bill Pattison’s leadership,” Mayor Steven Hernandez said in a prepared statement. “Not only have we seen this growth in Downtown Coachella, but the City of Coachella brand has equally grown as well.  My City Council colleagues and I grateful for Bill’s financial acumen and his out of the box thinking during his time with us which has positioned the City well for the next growth cycle.”




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