A new communications and marketing manager is scheduled to begin duties on May 23

CATHEDRAL CITY — Lisa Luna, who currently works as the Director of Marketing at Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa, has been hired as the communications and marketing manager for this community. She is scheduled to begin duties May 23.

She will fill the vacancy created by Chris Parman, who in April announced his resignation effective May 31. Parman, who is widely respected in City Hall and his been recognized for his work, has held the position since 2014.

Luna, who has a broad background in public relations and marketing, is bilingual in Spanish.

As one of her first unofficial duties, Luna will attend the 2022 Cathedral City State of the City Business Awards & Expo. This year’s event features a three-part moderated discussion between Mayor Ernesto M. Gutierrez and select local leaders, in discussion over business and community development within the City of Cathedral City.

Luna was one of six finalists, who underwent through three tiers of evaluations and interviews, for the position, according to Parman. Two of the finalists’ names were forwarded to City Manager Charles McClendon.

“She was everyone’s first choice,” Parman said. “She will be a tremendous asset to the city, especially when it comes to events. She’s confident, not easily intimidated and comfortable in her own skin.”

There will be an overlap of nine days with Luna before Parman exits. Parman has said he is ready to help the city in any way he can to help with a smooth transition.

The salary range is $92,203 to $120,691 annually plus benefits.


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