A Rancho Mirage resident with a career in both journalism talk radio and in politics has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against Palm Springs-based KNEWS 94.3 and 104.7, increasing the number of complaints filed to date as some residents rally against a verbally assaulted candidate.


“Hot Talk” hosts

It is the second confirmed complaint against the station and “Hot Talk” hosts, Rich “Da’ Coach” Gilgallon and Paul Cashin. Dan Ball, a Republican candidate for the 36th Congressional District, filed a complaint with the FCC on Thursday. More complaints could be coming.

Randy Economy told Uken Report on Friday that he has received notice his complaint has been received and an investigation has commenced. Both complaints are now under review.

“What Rich and Paul have been doing is character assassination against Dan (Ball),” Economy told Uken Report.

Part of Economy’s complaint alleges that Gilgallon and Cashin “engaged in vicious, slanderous comments about U.S. Congressional Candidate Dan Ball who is running in the upcoming June Primary Election here in California’s 36th  Congressional District.”

In the complaint, Economy said the incident to which he is specifically referring occurred on May 17  during the first hour of the show that aired between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Cashin and Gilgallon have been off the air since the incident.

“Part of the exchange included Gilgallon accusing Ball of getting into his vehicle with his 10-year-old daughter after drinking,” according to the complaint

During the show and during the verbal exchange with Ball, Gilgallon and Cashin both acknowledged that they were paid by the East Valley Republican Women Federated. This is the same group that has publicly endorsed  one of Ball’s opponents, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, Economy wrote in the complaint.

“Gilgallon and Cashin have been using this show to publicly promote the campaign of Brown (Pelzer) and attack Mr. Ball for the past number of months.”

The East Valley Republican Women Federated, whose president is Joy Meidecke, was also a point of contention in the men’s exchange during the program in question, Economy alleged.

“The organization strongly supported Kimberlin Brown last year before interviewing all Republican candidates for a possible endorsement,” the complaint continues. “Both Gilgallon and Cashin have been paid “appearance fees” to promote Ms. Brown’s campaign at several events that have been held at this specific headquarters.”

Economy implores the FCC to “please investigate this situation.”

Bob Proffitt, CEO and Chairman of Alpha Media, which owns KNEWS, told Uken Report on Thursday that he had several calls about the show, including one from Ball. Proffitt said he returned Ball’s call to hear his side of the story and apologized to Ball for any problems he has encountered.

The pair of conservative talk show hosts have a pattern of verbally abusing any GOP candidate that isn’t Kimberlin Brown Pelzer. You can hear some samples below.

Meantime, Ball appeared Friday morning on The Mike Livingston Show on iHub Radio. Livingston engaged Ball on the issues, his pledges and addressed the KNEWS incident. Livingston treated the congressional candidate with respect and gave him nearly an hour of air time.

Doug Hassett, a GOP candidate who has also been ridiculed by the “Hot Talk” hosts will also be invited on The Mike Livingston Show.





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