INDIAN WELLS — Three seats are up for grabs in the Nov. 8 election and incumbent Dana Reed, who is currently serving a one-year rotation as mayor, has his sights set on one of them.

Two of the seats are four-year terms, the third is a two-year term. The person elected to this seat will fill the remainder of former Councilmember Kimberly Muzik’s term. She resigned in May.

Five candidates — incumbent Mayor Dana Reed, former councilmember Doug Hanson, Ivan Moad, Toper Taylor and Bruce Whitman — will vie for the full terms. The other spot on the council will go to one of two former councilmembers, Ted Mertens or Ty Peabody.

All candidates were asked identical questions. Only Dana Reed responded by the d. Each candidate was asked to submit a photo to accompany his responses.

“I chose this picture for my profile because it depicts one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as Mayor,” Reed told Uken Report. “After two years without the March BNP Paribas Open tennis Tournament at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden because of COVID 19, I was asked to award the winner’s trophy to Southern California native Taylor Fritz at the March 2022 event.  The stadium was packed.  It was all very exciting.”

Uken Report (UR): Occupation:

Reed: I am the Mayor of Indian Wells and I own a small consulting business.

UR: Who or what motivated to run for City Council at this time?

Reed: The voters have elected me twice.  They are what motivates me.

UR: What makes you a better candidate than your opponent(s)?

Reed: I’m not going to throw rocks.  I’ll let the voters decide who they think is better

UR: What can you bring to the City Council that is currently missing?

Reed: I am currently the mayor and have been on the Council for eight years.  I bring experience and conservative judgment to the city.

UR: What is the single most important endorsement you have and why?

Reed: The only important endorsement is the voters.  They are the most important and they have elected me twice.

UR: What is the single biggest issue facing Indian Wells and why?

Reed: It is safe, solvent and special.  My contribution has been to help keep it that way.

UR: What will you propose to do about it?

Reed: Sacramento. The Governor and the State Legislature want to eliminate single-family dwellings throughout the state.  They want Indian Wells to be like LA and San Francisco. We are too small to fight this battle by ourselves.  We need to join forces with other cities and act collaboratively.

UR: Is there one decision with City Council has made with which you strongly disagree? If so, what was it and why?

Reed: No

UR: You are all well-known. What is one thing people don’t know about you?

Reed: I have no secrets.  My life is an open book.

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