Will either California Senator vote for this Debt Limit-lifting bill? [Opinion]

In an effort to cut inflation and the high costs of groceries, gasoline, natural gas, and housing the House of Representatives passed its legislation to raise our debt limit.

Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D., voted against the legislation as did Rep. Mark Takano.  Both are Democrats Ken Calvert voted to lift the debt limit. Overall, every democrat voted not to raise the debt limit. Every Republican voted for the debt limit increase.

How does the debt limit impact Coachella Valley Residents? It’s simple, without increasing the debt limit the United States’ massive debts would go into default. Our debts are so massive that some economists say that if we weren’t able to pay our debts, that would toss the global economy into a tailspin. In short, your hard-earned dollars’ value tanks!

Why did Ruiz and Takano vote no on increasing the debt limit? Well, they didn’t want to see programs they like face cuts. They choose not to make those receiving Food Stamps for free government-funded foods and beverages face a reduction or cut. Provisions in the bill require some adult Food Stamp recipients to work for those government-funded groceries. They didn’t want to see funding for Housing Assistance and Section 8 cut or frozen at existing levels. These are important programs to their local and national voters.

Ken Calvert, who holds a key spot on the Appropriations Committee, voted in favor. As he and Kevin McCarthy promised, they did not cut Social Security, defense spending that would have hurt 29 Palms Marine Base, March Air Reserve Base, El Centro Naval Air Station, or the Navy’s installations in Norco. They protected Medicare & Social Security as well with no cuts in spending. Increasing funding for those programs is forthcoming.

The legislation passed also slows down the President’s Green Agenda package. Most Americans already disapprove of the rapid manner President Biden’s Green Agenda has had on them. It’s too much too fast and too expensive.

Hardest hit are the working poor and middle class as gasoline, diesel, and natural gas prices have skyrocketed as the President has increased pressure on oil companies to cut production to force us onto a bus, subway, bicycle, cut driving a car or pickup truck, or even purchase electric cars, and we are paying more for virtually everything in a grocery or retail store.

To keep pace with the high inflation rate, Social Security recipients got the largest raise in the last 40 years just a few months ago. As inflation continues and groceries, cars, natural gas, electricity, bottled water, gasoline, diesel, and medical cost continues to climb, its tougher on every American. Doesn’t matter what you make, it costs every American and foreign nationals more to live here. The federal government can’t spend like crazy and print money like mad and not expect record inflation.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has repeatedly asked the President to negotiate in good faith. President Obama did so when he faced debt limit problems. Biden is a flat NO!

Will either California Senator vote for this Debt Limit-lifting bill? That’s a NO. Why? Same reasons as mentioned already. President Biden has said he’ll veto the Legislation even if the Senate passes it.

They want cuts in defense spending, income tax increases, and other cuts to programs near and dear to Republicans. They want to increase spending for the homeless and those receiving housing benefits. They want more Green Energy and less fossil fuels.

How do Californians and Americans make their thoughts and voices be known? Call Congressman Calvert, Ruiz, and Takano. Call the White House and call or email your two U S Senators.

Congress and Senate members want to hear from private citizens. Yes, lobbyists who support programs also count. They are already in the ears of members of both bodies seeking to cut other programs to save those programs they are paid to promote.

It’s time for President Biden to recognize that the House Speaker is keeping his word and attempting to keep Americans safe from threats from China, Iran, and North Korea. Speaker McCarthy is trying to raise the debt limit, he’s trying to cut inflation, and a refusal to help trim some spending to ease inflation isn’t a bad idea. As always, the devil is in the details.

The President and members of his party must come to the table. They must sit down and negotiate across party lines. Americans want a government that cares more about them than it does about itself.

Mr. President, put down that chocolate chip ice cream cone, and pull up a chair and start negotiations with Speaker McCarthy.

Note to Speaker McCarthy: Invite the President over for a chocolate chip ice cream cone, made from California dairy products, and maybe that gets him to the table.

Editor’s note: The views expressed in this column are those of Tom Freeman and do not necessarily reflect those of Uken Report.


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