Palm Desert Greens Democratic Club receives pushback on inviting Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez

PALM DESERT — The newly reconstituted Palm Desert Greens Democratic Club, now under the leadership of Ralph Perry, is getting pushback from at least one person for inviting Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez to speak.

Democratic Club to Host Mayor Steve Hernandez

Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez

Hernandez, who was reelected to a fifth term in November, is invited along with Tim Sheridan, candidate for U.S. House, to represent California’s 41st Congressional District. The Save the Date card states, “Hear the latest about one of the fastest-growing growing cities in California! The city of Coachella is experiencing an economic boom with a population of 42,000 residents in eastern Riverside County.”

The meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 10 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Palm Desert Rec Center.

Lynne O’Neill, a retired attorney who currently resides in Thousand Palms, immediately took umbrage with the invite to Hernandez.

“I am writing in complete shock that you invited Mayor Hernández to speak at what was once the most admired club in the Coachella Valley,” O’Neill wrote in a missive to Perry.

In addition to the endless racial animus, Hernandez repeatedly called Palm Springs City Councilmember Christy Holstege “real housewife of Palm Springs” a remark, that prompted his devotees to hurl homophobic remarks at Ms. Holstege, O’Neill explained.

Perry told Uken Report that everyone is entitled to an opinion.

“I do respect her for her voice in this matter,” Perry said. “Mayor Steve is coming to our meeting.  I invited him at a lunch gathering for Democratic leaders. I was told he is a very good speaker. We are looking forward to his visit.”

During the same lunch, County Supervisor V. Manuel Perez called for unity among Democrats, Perry said. “Unity is the theme for Democrats both for now and for the future. We must work to elect Democrats to every leadership position. I would hope and implore all Democrats to come together to accomplish this.  The past is the past, we must move forward together for 2024. ”

And, he added, “There is a saying, ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall.’ We must remain united to overcome the challenges ahead.”

Democratic Club to Host Mayor Steve Hernandez

Lynne O’Neill

O’Neill, who also describes herself as a concerned citizen, is a constant thorn in Hernandez’s side, often drilling him on social media. O’Neill told Uken Report that she welcomes Mayor Hernandez (finally) speaking in the west valley to explain his demonization of women Democrats and his involvement in the looming College of the Desert debacle.

“I think any man whose election platform two years ago was steeped in misogynistic attacks on progressive Latinas Denise Delgado and Lesly Figueroa should explain himself to Coachella Valley residents,” O’Neill said. “I also think any Mayor, who is the Chief of Staff to Supervisor Perez, should explain why he thought (it was OK) calling Christy Holstege (a granddaughter of a peach picker) a “Real Housewife of Palm Springs” online and on the front page of The Desert Sun.”

Finally, I think he and his “pass-through” Club the Democratic “Women” of the Desert” need to explain why they deliberately refused to add Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D., and Christy Holstege on their endorsement lists, which is a violation of CADEM rules.

We welcome the Mayor/Chief of staff to stop hiding behind his keyboard and answer legitimate questions because sunshine is the best disinfectant, O’Neill said.



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