CATHEDRAL CITY — Democrats of the Desert (DOD), the Coachella Valley’s largest Democratic club, has endorsed three candidates for Palm Springs City Council.

Those receiving  the endorsement are:

“Democrats of the Desert went through a three-step process as we considered candidates for the Palm Springs City Council,” said Dori Smith, president. “DOD participated with Desert Stonewall Democrats in a questionnaire and interview process with the candidates. Our committee considered several factors including qualifications, plans for the City, and diversity. District elections are new to the city, and it is gratifying to see numerous dedicated and qualified residents step up to run for office.”

In late June, three Democrats of the Desert representatives attended the candidate interviews, organized by Desert Stonewall.  Deseret Stonewall Democrats is an LGBTQ political action organization. It advances equal rights for all people.

The committee members were unanimous in their recommendation to the DOD board of directors, according to Smith. Next, the board of directors voted on the committee’s recommendations, approving them; and, finally, club members voted on the recommendations at its regular monthly meeting on Aug. 24, 2019.  A majority of DOD members in attendance voted to endorse Garner, Kors and Woods.

Democrats of the Desert has invited all Palm Springs City Council candidates to speak at its next meeting.  The meeting details:  2 p.m., Sat., Sept. 28, at Date Palm Country Club clubhouse, 36200 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City.

Democrats of the Desert is a community-based political organization, which studies local and national issues and makes recommendations to members and/or other individuals in the community.  On the basis of knowledge, verifiable information, and consensus, the Club seeks to influence decision-making and the electoral process by educating the electorate, and supporting qualified Democrats who wish to run for office.

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