The Denny’s Restaurant will have a contemporary architectural style

CATHEDRAL CITY — A new 4,340-square-foot Denny’s Restaurant, a diner-style restaurant chain, is being proposed in the Plaza Rio Vista shopping center.

Also being proposed is a new tattoo establishment within a suite in an existing commercial building located at 28200 Date Palm Drive.

The Cathedral City Planning Commission will consider both when it meets today, Wednesday, June 15, at 6 p.m.

John Rix and Greg Gribble are seeking a design review of a new Denny’s Restaurant in the northwest corner of Landau Boulevard and Vista Chino.

The 4,340 square-foot restaurant will include a dining room and counter areas, an office, employee area, kitchen, storage and other ancillary space. Melody Segura, associate planner, told Uken Report that the applicant proposes the restaurant offer 24-hour service.

The building will have a contemporary architectural style incorporating a variety of complementary materials including Nichiha wood wall panels, stone veneer, metal canopies and awnings. The proposed color scheme includes a beige (Tony Taupe) base color, with white (Pearly White) and tones of brown (Sealskin and Well-Bred Brown) on architectural elements, accented with two shades of red (Martha Stewart and Denny’s V Portal Red) on the canopies and awnings and trim sections. Landscaping will
be installed around the perimeter of the pad site and around the proposed building utilizing a desertscape scheme

Melody Segura, associate planner, stated in her staff report that the Denny’s Restaurant ” is desirable for the development of the community in that it provides a needed service and goods for local residents and businesses.”

Alfredo Luna is seeking a Conditional Use Permit for Certified Tattoo Supplies.

The existing commercial building, which was built in 1993, is comprised of three suites and is located on an approximately 0.17-acre parcel on Avenida La Vista approximately 81 feet south of Adelina Road. The applicant currently operates a tattoo supply retail business in Suites A & B and proposes to establish a tattoo establishment in Suite A which will include four tattooing rooms. The suites do not have any storefront windows facing the existing residential dwellings along Avenida La Vista.

Tattooing at the establishment will be by appointment only, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and individuals are required to enter and check-in through Suite B prior to being directed to the tattooing area.

The Planning Commission will take final action on this matter unless it is appealed to the City Council.

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