Surveys will be emailed to all families for whom Desert Sands Unified School District has addresses

Two-way communication is the best way to develop any plan. This is especially true for the development of this year’s Desert Sands Unified School District’s LCP (Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan). This new plan, several months in development, is intended to provide communication regarding how student learning will be addressed during the COVID-19 pandemic for the 2020-21 school year. Both the LCP and the LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) were created to help balance the needs and interests of all stakeholders in the education process including educators, parents, students, and community members. All California school districts are required to develop these plans.

Desert Sands Unified Seeks Parent, Guardian InputDesert Sands Unified School District’s Board of Education voted to accept the framework of the LCP at a September meeting. This followed a meeting of the LCAP Advisory Committee, a group made up of participants from the categories above. Having finished the LCP, and continuing with the process of accountability, the next step is to reach out to all stakeholders with a survey to develop a clear perspective about the array of items for consideration in the development of the upcoming three year LCAP plan. The new LCAP plan will cover the school years of 2021-2024. Topics covered in the survey include family engagement, learning engagement, school climate, and family efficacy. Survey results provide actionable data and lead to a better understanding of how to build effective partnerships with families. The surveys also provide an opportunity for families to share how the schools can create a more welcoming environment, support student learning, and build lasting relationships that contribute to student success.

A survey to all DSUSD families (parents and guardians) will be sent out in the next few days. Timeline for completion of this survey is November 2-30. In addition to the survey for parents and guardians, other surveys will be sent out to all students, to district employees, and to the community in December and January. If you are a community member who would like to participate in the survey, please email so that your name can be added to the list.

Questions being asked include: What recommendations would you make to the school for improving services for your child? If you could change one aspect of your child’s school to help him/her learn more, what would you choose? A total of 21 questions are included in the families survey. Results will be shared in early 2021 as the LCAP and Parent Advisory committees develop a timeline for next steps.

Surveys will be emailed to all families for whom DSUSD has addresses. Should you be a parent who has not provided your email address, please contact your child’s school. You will have the opportunity to answer a survey based on each of your children’s experiences. If you do not have an email but wish to participate, please visit our district website at Access to the survey will be available from November 2-30.

Participation in the survey is appreciated and we value your feedback. Please take the time to share your voice and experiences with us.

SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL DSUSD PARENTS REGARDING MEAL SERVICE– Veterans Day, November 11, this year falls on a Wednesday, the normal day for meal distribution. Please note that Monday’s distribution will include Wednesday’s meals and that meals for Thursday-Sunday will be available on Thursday, November 12, at the times and locations that provide this service.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Mary E.B. Perry, Desert Sands Unified School District Public Information Officer and Kristen Wood, LCP/LCAP Coordinator