The City of Indio is offering a chance to safely and sustainably dispose of old tires, oil and e-waste, among other environmental services

INDIO — If  you have been wanting to dispose of old tires, oil, old electronics, and more, now is your chance.

The City of Indio will host its final Sustainability Collection event of the calendar year on Saturday, Nov. 6 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Indio Corporate Yard/Indio Water Authority, 83101 Avenue 45.

Dispose of Old Tires, Oil, E-waste and More

The City’s Sept. 11 Sustainability event was a success, with more than 200 participants.

The City’s Sept. 11 Sustainability event was a success, with more than 200 participants collectively diverting more than 200 gallons of oil, 1.5 40-yard bins of used tires (5.19 tons), and 32 gallons of food waste.

“To help illustrate just how much oil did not end up in our groundwater or landfills, the average bathtub holds 80 gallons of water,” said Sara Toyoda, City of Indio Environmental Programs Coordinator. “That means we collected enough used oil to fill up about two and a half bathtubs!”

November’s Sustainability Event will include:

  • old tire collection
  • used oil and oil filter collection
  • electronic waste (e-waste) disposal
  • paper shredding (four boxes free for Indio residents)
  • compost exchange

Indio residents can drop off up to nine passenger car and truck tires at a time. Tires must be removed from the rim, and trailer or tractor tires will not be accepted.

A paper shredding truck will also be on site. Up to four boxes of shredding are free for Indio residents. Residents of other cities can drop off shredding for a small fee. E-waste, including televisions, desktop monitors, and LCD screens, will also be collected. Other household hazardous waste, such as products used for cleaning, painting, beautifying, lubricating and disinfecting the house, yard, workshop and garage chemicals will not be accepted at this event.

Residents who bring small amounts of food waste to the event in a container that can be emptied and returned, will be given a 3.5 gallon reusable bucket of compost in return. Food waste will be taken to a local compost facility where it can be processed into a healthy soil.

For more information about accepted items and a schedule of future Sustainability events, click here.

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