CHICAGO — This morning I am sitting in Chicago at the summer meeting of the Democratic National Committee, but local district elections are also on my mind.

The vast majority of the meeting was made up of workshops, training and various regional or constituency groups. There was one private-members-only meeting to discuss rule changes for the 2020 convention.

Today will be the public votes on rules, bylaws and resolutions. One of the resolutions that stands out for our area is repair and maintenance, transportation infrastructure, and identifying it as a matter of national priority.

Additionally today, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Congresswoman Maxine Waters are slated to speak. Should bring everyone to their feet.

Last week I listed candidates for city councils in the eight cities. I got a few calls from folks mentioning someone I missed and quite a few attacks on social media because in their minds I deliberately left off a candidate.

I should have said this last week, but I will now. I listed everyone who had qualified with their city clerk to be a candidate. If they had turned in paperwork but had not yet become official, I did not list them. Any biographical info I listed came directly from what the candidate filed with the clerk.

If they did not give a bio I did not list anything, even though I may know the candidate.

Having said, that let’s complete the list with water boards, school boards, etc.

College of the Desert –

District 1: Frank Figueroa, Ruben Perez and Becky Broughton (Incumbent) Dist. 3:Jerry Bowman, John Denver, Joe Long and Vicki Carpenter Dist. 4: Aurora Wilson (Incumbent)

Palm Springs Unified

District 3: Karen Cornett (incumbent)

Dist. 4: Tim Woods

Dist. 5: John Gerardi (incumbent)

Desert Sands Unified

District 2: Donald Griffith (incumbent)

Dist. 5: Ana Margarita Conover, michael Duran (incumbent)

Desert Healthcare District

District 2: Carole Rogers (incumbent)

Dist. 4: Shelley Kaplan and Evet Perezgil


Desert Water Agency

Patricia Oygar (incumbent)

Joe Stuart (incumbent)

Jim Cioffi (incumbent)



District. 1: Patrick O’Dowd (incumbent)

District 3: Edward Muzik and John Powell (incumbent) District 5: Rod Chamberlain and Castulo Real Estrada (incumbent)

Mission Springs Water District

Full term – Steven Grasha, Nancy Wright (incumbent) and Jeff Bowman (incumbent) Partial term – Ivan Sewell (incumbent)

Next week, I’ll be back with more reports on the temporary resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Until then, fight back.

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