Ask historians what president signed landmark Civil Rights Reforms, ended the Korean War, laid the groundwork for the Interstate Highway System, and warned Americans to “Beware of the industrialized military complex,” and they will say “Ike” or “Eisenhower.”

“Ike,“ the nickname given Dwight David Eisenhower, kept America safe and at peace during his eight years as president of the United States of America.

Ike was a standout in football at West Point, our United States Military Academy. In those days, West Point was a football powerhouse and Eisenhower was a star on those teams. He excelled at carrying the football as a halfback.

Many are aware of his leadership as General of The Army (5 star General) of World War II. Few know that before the war Eisenhower had worked for George S. Patton. In fact, before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor thrust America into World War II, “Ike” reached out to Patton in hopes he could join Patton’s team yet again.

Of course, Ike passed up Patton and was chosen by Gen. George C. Marshall to command allied forces in Europe. Ike turned out to be the foremost solider and diplomat working with the allies and helped bring an end to World War II.

Gen.  Eisenhower and President Eisenhower have received numerous military and civilian honors. His Presidential Museum houses many records of achievement and gives a great chronology of his successes as both citizen and solider. Our 34th president coasted to victory and served two full terms before retiring from public service.

On the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, a new memorial honoring this humble and yet outstanding leader was to be dedicated in Washington, D.C.

Regrettably, the Global Pandemic has forced a rescheduling of this special event. A new date will be selected in September 2020. Expect a great turnout.

These ceremonies typically include the seated president, Secretary of Defense, service secretaries, other cabinet officers, members of the House and Senate and more.

Regretfully, most of our World War II service members have, like President Eisenhower, passed on. Those who are still with us are having difficulty traveling. The members of the “greatest generation“ are fading away too fast. However, Veterans and military personnel from all periods of service will be on hand to honor this great American.

Eisenhower’s, his soldiers’, marines’, sailor’s, and air forces’ liberation of Europe preserved freedom and defeated the Axis Powers. He and his military team helped free the world from mad men.

Eisenhower deserves this recognition as the new memorial takes a prominent place on the mall in D.C. Those headed to D.C. will find  “Ike”  and his new memorial in front of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.



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