MSWD Director Randy Duncan announces he’s leaving board following contentious meeting

DESERT HOT SPRINGS — Beleaguered Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) Director Randy Duncan said at the close of a Study Session on Thursday that he will be leaving the board. It is unclear if he’s departure takes effect immediately.

Embattled MSWD Director Duncan to Depart

Randy Duncan

Duncan, who Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said violated the residency requirements essential to serve on the water board, said he is leaving because he and his wife on July 4 found the “perfect home” at the “perfect price” in the “perfect neighborhood” — in Rancho Mirage and would be moving.

The move follows a June 3 letter from District Attorney Mike Hestrin in which shines light on Duncan’s residency. Hestrin said in the letter that Duncan had already vacated his seat. You may read Hestrin’s letter by clicking here. 

“Without a qualifying residence within his district, Mr. Duncan vacated his position as a director on the Mission Springs Water District Board,” Hestrin states in the letter.

“According to Government Code …. Mr. Duncan’s position became vacant when he ceased to be an inhabitant of the district for which he was appointed, and within which the duties of his position are required to be discharged,” Hestrin stated. “Based upon the facts as we understand them, our legal analysis has concluded that Mr. Duncan’s current position as a Director on the Mission Springs Water District Board constitutes a clear violation of Water Code $30508.”

Uken Report first reported on Hestrin’s letter in June.

The letter was so clear that Director Steve Grasha questioned why Duncan was even at the Thursday study session.

Grasha read much of Hestrin’s letter into the record.

“I find it offensive that this is even happening right now,” Grasha said. Grasha also alleged that Dunan had committed “acts of perjury” and “multiple felonies.” Grasha also accused Duncan of smearing MSWD’s reputation.

Duncan’s departure still begs a serious question: If Duncan has vacated his position, as Hestrin asserts, will be forced to pay back the money he has earned since being elected. MSWD directors earn $100 per meeting with a maximum of 10 meetings per month.

It also calls into question any and all votes Duncan cast. Will they be null and void?

Duncan said he and his wife have a vacation home in Arizona.

“(Steve) Grasha and (Russell) Betts got wind of it and decided to make it into something it’s not,” Duncan said. “I personally couldn’t care less. I know I’m in the right.”

Duncan also referred to “two very mentally ill stalkers.”




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