Extraordinary!  What other word can you use for what is happening in Washington?

Extraordinary Describes Washington [Opinion]

James Comey

This week, the Inspector General for the Department of Justice issued a report on James Comey and his handling of the Clinton email issue in the run up to the 2016 election.  He said that Comey was insubordinate, didn’t follow department policy, BUT broke no laws.  The President used the report to say “see, there was no collusion with Russia. I did nothing wrong”.  No problem is the report was not about Russia, the Mueller investigation or anything like it – it was about Clinton emails!

The Administration has now taken over 2000 children from their parents at the border, some of them infants who were nursing!  They are being held at a vacant Walmart.

Extraordinary Describes Washington [Opinion]

Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Sessions has begun quoting the Bible to say that separating families was justified in Scripture.  We must go to a different church and believe in a different God.


While I would like to put all the blame on the Administration, Walmart has some responsibility as they are leasing the building to federal government!

By the way the children are being housed in Texas and the parents have been transferred to an empty federal prison in Victorville.  Friday there was a rally in front of Cathedral Civic Center demanding an end to this practice.  A community town hall will take place in July at the Mary Pickford Theater to hear from our federal and state officials and discuss action plans for how we can fight back.

Eerily like 1935-45; they came for the intellectuals, the Gays, the Gypsy’s and the Jews until there was no one left.  2016-18; they came for believers in Islam, the Gays, the media and the Hispanics.  When will we say enough – never again!

Extraordinary Describes Washington [Opinion]

Michael Cohen

The President’s lawyer or “fixer”, Michael Cohen, is now saying he is ready to cooperate with federal investigators about the President.  It is expected he will be arrested in the next week or so and then begin to spill the beans.


Also, this week Paul Manafort, campaign chairman to Donald Trump was imprisoned pending trial because he tried to tamper with witnesses.  He will be there until the trial this winter.  The President meanwhile said what was the big deal if he spoke to witnesses?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Locally, filing for city council seats opens on July 16 and run to the middle of August.  Potential candidates are beginning to show up at council meetings so they can learn the issues and be seen.  Every valley city except Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage will have elections and it is already looking like very negative campaigning.  Some folks are even attacking councilmembers whose terms are not up until 2020.  I guess you can’t start too soon.  If we have learned nothing else from the primary elections most recently held – voters are growing very tired of negative campaigns.  Candidates beware.

Extraordinary Describes Washington [Opinion]


That’s it for this week.  Stay strong – KEEP RESISTING!!!