During the month of March, Coachella Valley businesses have pledged to raise $250,000 to support care for children that Children’s Hospital Los Angeles clinicians treat at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

The mission of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center is to counsel physically, sexually and emotionally abused children, and to focus on prevention, community education and breaking the cycle of generational abuse. No child is ever turned away due to a family’s inability to pay.

Approximately 90 percent of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center’s budget comes from the generosity of a caring, worldwide community, fundraising events, and charitable organizations.

Businesses in Los Angeles County have pledged to raise $1 million during the month of March for children treated at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

MarchThe combined effort is better known as Make March Matter™.

Money is needed to support critical, life-saving and life-changing care for children.

Make March Matter™ is all about children.

MarchThe identity of the verbally, emotionally, and physically abused children treated at the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center is kept confidential to protect their privacy. Their stories are gut-wrenching.


So are the stories of the children seeking medical treatment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

On the outside, Elliott Fletcher, 3, pictured in the lead photo, looks like a normal toddler as he plays with his toy cars and sings to himself. But two years ago, when he was 1, his heart was failing, according to information Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles provided.

Doctors informed the family that Elliott would need a heart transplant. Because his heart was weak, Elliott was placed on the Berlin Heart machine to keep his heartbeat going and to keep blood flowing to his vital organs. Some patients are on the Berlin Heart for days, others weeks, and some others for months. Elliott was on the machine for several weeks before a donor match was located. He received his new heart in August 2017 and he is thriving. He goes in for regular checkups and will have to for the remainder of his life.

Elliott is one reason why March matters.


Kairi Ramirez

Kairi Ramirez, 11, has chronic kidney disease and is waiting for kidney and liver transplants. She undergoes three hours of dialysis three times per week at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


Because she is small for her age, people think she’s younger than 11. But Kairi is articulate and mature beyond her years – and she’s a standout in the classroom.  Her mom says Kairi receives all 4s on her report card, except a 3 in math. (Four is the highest number grade pupils can earn in elementary school.)

Kairi is one more reason why March matters.


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