Restaurants have Fallen Victim to Shut-down orders

Since COVID 19 shut down restaurants across the nation, many owners closed doors for good.

The restaurant industry had a high rate of failure before COVID 19. The new reality is governors and public health officials have crushed the industry with shut-down orders and dine-outside-only orders in some states.

The public health field is populated with dedicated professionals. Most have bachelor’s degrees and  those in leadership posts typically have a masters degree.

Public Health Officers are often medical doctors.  All are front and center since COVID 19 hit our shores.

Few of these professionals have ever owned a business and many of them have spent years working in government.  They are unapologetically  bureaucratic. They enforce rules and regulations that they wrote or helped chapter into law. Sales, property taxes, and fees fund their well-paying jobs.

So, as we see fall turning to winter across the country, health officials are still clinging to policy which prevent or limit indoor dining in restaurants.

With winter beginning to settle in across America, will restaurant owners and public health officials work to develop programs that expand indoor dining?

Customers and restaurant staffers can’t dine or serve in freezing weather or in high winds and snowfall. Summer and fall outdoor dining worked to provide some relief to restaurant owners and those desperate to get out of the governors’ or mayors’ lockdowns and enjoy a nice meal.

COVID 19 infection rates are on the upswing. America is suffering from pandemic fatigue. Families have lost loved ones and we realize this virus is still a major health threat.

Still masks, social distancing, hand washing , and common sense may be a pathway to helping restaurants serve more patrons indoors .

Support our restaurants . Be safe and use common sense in dealing with this pandemic. Let’s hope a vaccination is near and we see a return to normalcy.

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