Currently Palm Desert has at-large voting for 80% of the city with four city council seats. [Opinion]

Five Districts for Palm Desert [Opinion]Our local Democratic Club has been active on the non-partisan effort for the Five Districts for Palm Desert campaign.   We helped promote Measure B. The measure passed by a 53% majority of Palm Desert voters in the 2022 mid-term election. The goal is to have five districts in place and ready next year for the 2024 election.

For background, currently Palm Desert has at-large voting for 80% of the city with four city council seats.  This is District Two.  The remaining District One is 20% of the city with one council seat.  This was the outcome to comply with a lawsuit filed against the city before the 2020 election. The lawsuit was based on the California Voting Rights Act directive.

Currently three of our councilmembers reside in the same southside neighborhood. Five Districts will allow each part of our city to experience equal representation. For example, with the extensive building going on in north Palm Desert, those residents should have their own councilmember.

Five Districts is the voting process for city council elections at other Coachella Valley cities. These include Cathedral City and Palm Springs.

There will be an important vote on Thursday, May 25th at 4 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Palm Desert at City Hall. This vote will determine the outcome for Palm Desert’s implementation of Measure B. We have a “Call to Action” for residents who voted Yes on Measure B, to attend this meeting. Residents can rise and speak of their support or just attend to observe the vote.

Delays could go on for 10 years or more. This is Democracy in Action to assure Measure B is implemented on a timely basis.


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