INDIO — Flossing conversations have transcended the confines of your dentist’s office and moved onto dance floors, into living rooms, and into television studios and it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with your teeth.

It has even crept into a local city council campaign.

These days, the floss, or flossing, refers to a dance move in which people, young and old alike, swing their arms, with clenched fists, from the back to the front of their bodies on each side and do these moves repeatedly.

Schooled in the rapid moves by his nine grandchildren, Indio Mayor Michael H. Wilson showcased his flossing prowess that made its way across social media accounts in the Coachella Valley and beyond.

Critics say the 53-year-old grandfather’s got moves. You be the judge.

“I was horrible at first, but then caught on,” Wilson told Uken Report. “(It’s) great exercise as well. Truth be told, you could find me flossing around the house when I’m by myself.”

Wilson was persuaded to floss on video after Mark Wasserman, a “great” friend, and Pam Wasserman, challenged him.  Mark posted a video on social media of himself flossing.

Wilson could not resist a smart-aleck comment. “Wow, just Wow! All I got to say. lol. My granddaughter taught me how and I’m OK at it,” Wilson replied to Mark Wasserman’s video.

It was an open invitation to a challenge and, within seconds, the Wassermans had laid down the gauntlet.

“I’m a great sport and love being fun and funny,” Wilson said.

Strategically clad in campaign T-shirts, Wilson and two of his grandchildren began flossing for the video camera.

Wilson who lives with the “aches and pains” of a 22-year-veteran firefighter and five back surgeries, said it’s difficult to say whether the dance craze added insult to injury. He simply had fun.

He is now on the offensive challenging all Coachella Valley mayors to floss and post the evidence on social media. Then, he singled out one in particular.

“La Quinta Mayor Linda Evans, my good friend, would be a good challenge” Wilson said.

Flossing went viral after Russell Horning performed it during a Saturday Night Live performance of Katy Perry’s music “Swish Swish.” It is a trend among children and teens.

Wilson said he’s not convinced it’s a new way to reach younger voters – yet, anyway.

“It just shows my fun personality and humanizes me,” Wilson said. “We all have perceptions created about us and this just shows Mayor Wilson is a family man, has a lot of fun with his kids and grandkids, and lives his family and community.”