Frank Figueroa grew up in Coachella and attended local schools

COACHELLA — Frank Figueroa, 29, a native of Coachella who serves on the Planning Commission, is looking to take a seat on the City Council in November.

Members are elected at large. The terms of Mayor Pro Tem Josephine Gonzalez and Councilmember Megan Beaman Jacinto expire this year. Neither has indicated yet whether they’ll run in the Nov. 8 election.

“Now more than ever, our community needs a leader who is committed to serving our needs,” Figueroa said. “Coachella is our home. Together, we can build a City Council that will always put our community first.”

Figueroa’s priorities include:

  • Increase access to quality, affordable housing.
  • Prioritize public health and ensure safe, livable neighborhoods.
  • Empower residents and promote the diversity of our communities by creating a Human Rights Commission and increasing education and awareness.
  • Improve public transportation and support more community-based programs.

He is the son and grandson of farmworkers and has dedicated his life to service and education. Figueroa grew up in Coachella and attended local schools, graduating from Coachella Valley High School. His family instilled in him the value of obtaining an education, and he became the first in his family to attend college.

After attending College of the Desert where he earned his associates in political science, Frank then transferred to the University of California, Riverside where he earned his dual bachelor’s degree in political science & Latin American studies. Dedicated to making an impact in his community and in the field of Latino educational attainment, he focused his doctoral work on Latino Males and their attainment of higher education.

Figueroa has served the University of California for over more than eight years as a Financial Manager. Through his numerous leadership positions at the University, Figueroa has been an advocate for the University of California Staff community, ensuring equity across all level positions.

In 2015, Frank earned the support of the community that raised him and was elected to the Board of Directors of the Southern Coachella Valley Community Services District as the youngest member on the board. As one of the only out elected officials in the Eastern Coachella Valley, Figueroa serves today as Vice President of the SoCoVal CSD. Aside from serving on this board Frank also serves on the Board of Directors of Borrego Health.








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  • Frank Figueroa: Courtesy photo