Let’s begin with good news. Yes, there is some!

Unemployment figures are out and Cathedral City’s unemployment rate has dropped to 2.7 percent!!! Three percent is considered full employment. Thank you, Cathedral City Auto Center! Thank you Cathedral City Cannabis businesses! And, thank you to the hospitality business sector for helping to drive the good news.

Cathedral City IS the plane to do business!

Now back to Washington and the fantasy land there. Week two of the Paul Manafort trial begins. His accountant has already testified she lied to IRS officials at Manorfort’s each!  Not good Not to mention the specialty jackets and shoes. This week there will be more testimony about lying to federal investigators and hiding money.

President Trump, FINALLY, admitted that the meeting with the Russians was about getting dirt on Hillary and NOT about adoptions. He practically threw his son under the bus, saying that he was in legal jeopardy and while Don Jr. didn’t think he was doing anything wrong it may not look that way to others.

Not good news.

The President again did this past week what he always does when he feels his back is against the wall. He attacks people that have no connection to him or his problem. First he blamed former President Obama and Secretary Clinton for all the hacking info that has been discovered. He then went after Congresswoman Maxine Waters, CNN anchor Don Lemon and new Los Angeles Laker LeBron James. Not surprisingly all three are African Americans.

Not good.

He continues to show he a racist and homophobe. And we thought George W. Bush was bad.

Reports continue that the President has become more and more erratic. Screaming, lashing out, etc. and now that his wife is speaking out more and more in opposition to his policies, it seems like it is only going to get worse.

Not good for anyone.

Trump has now been told to not focus on campaigning for the House of Representatives and concentrate on the Senate so he can be protected from impeachment. Walls are closing in. Finally.

Stay active.

Good News for Cathedral City Residents [Opinion]


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