Democrats, of course, take issue with Kimberlin Brown Pelzer’s political commercial in which she likens U.S. Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D., to a lap dog, but even some of her fellow Republicans are crying foul saying it’s not the quality of ad they would have hoped for or expected from her.

Brown Pelzer, a Hollywood soap opera star who worships President Trump, is challenging incumbent Ruiz for the 36th Congressional seat.

The commercial blitz shows Brown Pelzer dressing up a small dog as a hot dog floating on an inflatable duck. The ad mirrors some billboards that are popping across the valley. She claims that, “unfortunately with Raul Ruiz, we sent a lap dog to Congress” and relies on a graphic to allege that Ruiz votes with the Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 91 percent of the time.

The lap dog commercial is childish, immature and her political consultant ought to be fired, one Republican charged.

Dan Ball, one five Republicans who ran in the June Primary to challenge Ruiz in the mid-term elections, said that while he agrees  with Brown-Pelzer that Congressman Ruiz has not been a true effective leader and has voted right down party lines, he said her commercial is “ridiculous and uncalled for.”

“Residents of the 36th District are smart and they want substance from a candidate, not just name-calling,” Ball told Uken Report. “With all the negativity spewing from the extremes on both sides these days, a positive approach will win over voters, in my opinion. Tell them and show them how you will make their lives better, their families safer, put more money in their pocket, create a better education system for their children, help our brave military, police and veterans, along with a plan to restore the Salton Sea.”

These are the things that should be addressed by someone seeking this seat whether in a commercial or elsewhere, Ball implored.

“If you must go negative, show and prove how your opponent has failed the 36th,” Ball said. “Name-calling won’t work. As a common sense conservative with more of an independent view on the social issues, my hope is that Mrs. Brown-Pelzer will try that approach moving forward. We need a powerful and positive leader in Washington who will fight for us, not a party, special interest groups or themselves.”

Doug Hassett, another of Brown Pelzer’s challenger in the June Primary, told Uken Report about the commercial, “I have come to believe that Kimberlin’s heart truly bleeds red, white and blue and that she’s been working hard to become our next 36th District Representative.  But, I don’t see her advertisement similar in quality or substance to the current (Assemblymember Chad) Mayes or Ruiz advertisements.   I wish Kimberlin much success.”

Another of her challengers in the June Primary was Stephan Wolkowicz who also had some thoughts on the lap dog commercial.

“It was very cute,” Wolkowicz said. “I had to watch it several times, (eight).  But, it would be better to attack Ruiz on substance and issues. We all know he votes the way he’s told. He follows instructions very well, and he is — and always will be — a career politician.”