Barack Obama,  who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017, turns 60 on Aug. 4. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

It marks the end of his 50s.

So,, how will he celebrate it? With an August birthday and triple-digit temperatures in the desert,  it is unlikely he will visit the Coachella Valley, one of his favorite haunts, for a round of golf.

With an August birthday, Barack Obama has spent many of his birthdays on the campaign trail, first as as state Senator from Illinois, then as a U.S. Senator and finally as a two-term U.S. President.

While in the White House, Camp David, the Presidential retreat in Maryland, seemed  to be a favorite place for him to blow out the candles.  He celebrated his 48th birthday there, playing basketball and bowling with friends.

He skipped Camp David the next year, spending his birthday in Chicago, surrounded by friends without his wife and daughters.

On his 52nd birthday, Obama spent time playing golf with friends at Joint Base Andrews, but before he went he was briefed on the terrorist threat that caused 21 U.S. embassies to close.

The State Department that day ordered all U.S. embassies to close. Most are closed anyway on Sundays, except those in Muslim countries, meaning the closures affect 21 embassies in the Muslim world. The State Department also issued a worldwide travel alert for Americans on Aug. 2. The alert warned Americans that “terrorists may elect to use a variety of means and weapons and target both official and private interests,” and reminded U.S. citizens of potential targets such as public transportation and tourist sites, and to take precautions.

In 2012, during his quest for re-election, Obama joked that he wanted Florida for his birthday. He got his wish, according to ABC News. The next year, he was back at Camp David where he played golf with friends.

This year, Twitter users celebrated Barack Obama’s birthday on President Donald J. Trump’s birthday, June 14.

Rather than celebrate President Trump’s birthday on Jun 14,  many Twitter users used the day to honor President Obama with the hashtag “All Birthdays Matter.”

Several phrases began trending on Twitter early on Sunday, including “Obama Day June 14th,” “Obama Appreciation Day,” “Obama Day USA” and “Happy Birthday Obama,” in addition to “All Birthdays Matter,” according to Variety.

Happy Birthday!

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