CATHEDRAL CITY – A $5,000 Healing Field mural to honor Cathedral City residents at Patriot Park appears destined for approval. The City Council will consider the Public Arts Commission’s unanimous recommendation at the City Council meeting on Wednesday, July 22.

The Public Arts Commission recommends the City Council approve an allocation from the Public Art Fund for the installation of a Healing Field mural.

Public Art in Cathedral City is made possible through Public Arts funds and private donations. Public Arts funds are collected as commercial development occurs. The money does not come from the city’s General Fund.

During the week surrounding Veterans Day each year, the “Healing Field” comes to life at Cathedral City’s Patriot Park with more than 6,900 flags on display. Each flag represents a serviceman or woman killed in the line of duty since 2001. The Healing Field, 33998 Date Palm Drive, is a place to pay respect to those who fought for our freedoms, and a place where families can mourn the loss of a loved one.

This event, organized by the Cathedral City Rotary, is sponsored by the City of Cathedral City and supported by countless volunteers from local schools and civic organizations.

In March 2019, the City Council approved the installation of two murals on the outside of the four-sided storage building located within Patriot Park. The paintings pay tribute to the servicemen and women of Cathedral City who paid the ultimate price. Local artist Jessica Schiffman painted two of the building’s four sides. The city paid Schiffman $5,000 (total) for the two murals.

In February 2020, the City Council approved the installation of two additional murals from Schiffman to cover the remaining two walls. The city agreed to pay Schiffman $5,500 (total) for the final two works.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Schiffman is unable to paint the remaining two walls. Recognizing the need to finish this important installation before Veteran’s Day 2020, Cathedral City resident and local artist Gerry High volunteered to help.

With the Public Arts Commission’s direction, High created one rendering for each of the remaining two walls. One wall would be the canvas for a wind-blown United States flag as the background to a soaring bald eagle. The second mural renders a wind-blown California State Flag with the San Jacinto Mountain range in the background.

High’s mural work is already a part of Cathedral City’s Arts and Entertainment District. In 1999, High painted the Old Firehouse mural on Cathedral Canyon, immediately south of the Sunshine Café. In 2010, High updated this work.

High has offered to paint these two murals for a total cost of $5,000, which includes all the artist’s time, paint, and other materials (umbrellas, scaffolding, etc.) needed to complete the murals.

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