Cathedral City Councilmembers will consider a resolution establishing a policy to govern the use of Council discretionary funds

CATHEDRAL CITY — Each member of the City Council receives $20,000 in discretionary funds. One pot of money is for $5,000 and is earmarked for community assistance. Another pot contains $15,000 and is for labeled for district improvements.

As part of the budget review process this year, members of the City Council requested that a policy be developed to govern how they may spend the discretionary funds.

The City Council will consider a resolution when it meets today, Wednesday, June 9.

Former Mayor John Aguilar in 2018 directed $1,500 of his annual allowance of discretionary funds toward the “Kids Summer Movie Series” in the community.

The series provided free movies every Friday morning for eight weeks during the summer break from school. “Parents and children were able to watch family-friendly animated films like “Baby Boss,” “Lego Batman,” and “Captain Underpants.”

Included in the budget is  of $5,000 for each Councilmember identified for community assistance. Allowable uses are identified below:

  • Contributions to non-profit organizations that provide services to Cathedral City residents.
  • Support for school-based organizations in Cathedral City schools including but not limited to choirs, bands, performing and visual arts programs, athletics and school clubs.
  • Support for government or tribal social services agencies addressing issues of concern to the Councilmember such as programs for the homeless.
  • Support for unbudgeted activities sponsored by City commissions or committees.
  • Tickets, tables or sponsorships for events supporting local charitable, tribal, governmental or school organizations.
  • Tickets, tables or sponsorships for Chamber of Commerce events.
  • Funding may not be provided to individuals or for-profit businesses.

Uses identified as allowable may be authorized directly by the Councilmember from their account. Any other proposed use will need to be authorized by the full Council.

Also included in the budget is a line item of $15,000 for each Councilmember identified for improvements. Allowable uses are identified as:

  • Improvements to neighborhood parks or public facilities that are not included elsewhere in the City budget. Such improvements may include but are not limited to additional trees, lights, picnic tables or benches, security
    improvements, or exercise equipment.
  • Purchase of recreational or sports equipment for use at public parks and facilities.
  • Entry monuments in the public right-of-way to designate neighborhoods and  street sign toppers to designate neighborhoods.
  • Informational flyers or mailers to inform the public.
  • Small neighborhood or community events.
  • Emergency preparedness supplies for broad distribution to the public.
  • Improvements may not be placed on privately owned property.

The total amount of money is $20,000 per Councilmember for a total of $100,000. The money is included in the budgets for FY21-22 and FY22-23.

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