How to get the medals you deserve and the documents for VA home loans.

If you are a Veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States, or you are a spouse, or next of kin and need military records pay attention. This information is free and so are those medals.

Today, it isn’t unusual to be honorably discharged from the military and have never received a medal that was authorized but never presented. It has been this way for member former members.

In this case you or next of kin may complete and mail a request for all military medals authorized . Once verified medals will be issued and mailed to your attention or the Veteran you have requested them for.

In some cases military personnel separated or retired may also have those medals presented by a military officer of your branch of service.

Today it is not uncommon for some members of the House or Senate, who’s staff has requested those medals, to present them to you . This occurs even if that member of the House or Senate never served his or her country in the Armed Forces. You may find this SF 180 on line , download, and print it for your use.

Your military service records are also available using the same Standard Form 180. This includes military training records, your DD 214 or for members of the National Guard Bureau Form 22.

The DD 214 and NGB Form 22 are source documents required to prove military service . They are used by states when the Veterans Endorsement is added your Drivers License .Other states also use the documents to verify firearms training when seeking a Concealed Carry Permit. These documents are import records to verify eligibility for a VA home loan.

Veteran’s Administration team members will also ask for these documents when assisting you with medical treatment and or disability pension application.

These two documents are also necessary should the next of kin wish your internment in a National or State military cemetery. They are source documents used to verify internment .

Filing out the Standard Form 180 is easy and does not require a visit to a state or county veterans service officer. You will find the SF 180 available to you on line. Simply follow the directions and within weeks you should have a response.

If your service member has already passed and you want military records and medals earned you may receive them free of charge.

These awards were earned by your parent or spouse are another way to honor the parents or spouses military service to our nation after they have passed.

Each state also has a national guard and you may have failed to receive medals awarded by your state after separation. If this is the case write to the Adjutant General of the State your served in and request these medals awarded by the state.

Those who never served in the National Guard are often unaware that the National Guard has their own series of medals for valor, distinguished service , meritorious service and achievement. Often the states Valor or Distinguished Service medal may only be presented by the Governor or Adjutant General.

Those that served on active duty , National Guard, or the Reserves may have earned medals and next of kin may also wish to honor their service member by display of those awards in homes, offices, and museums.

Today just one percent of our fellow Americans will serve in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, or Coast Guard. Decorations for valor, meritorious service or achievement were earned in service.

For those who served thank you! For the families of current and past service members thank you.

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