On the heels of this week’s Supreme Court ruling that employers can’t fire you for being LGBTQ+  KFC heiress, lingerie designer and celebrity Kaila Methven has pledged to raise $1 million for unemployed LGBTQ+ youth.

In order to promote equality, lingerie fashion designer, beloved by the Kardashians, Celebrity and Influencer Kaila Methven, who is the  “KFC heiress” has pledged to raise $1 Million for LGBTQ people affected by COVID 19.

Methven plans to raise the funds to help LGBTQ people affected by the COVID-19 crisis by creating jobs through an initiative she recently launched called the PLUR Association — an acronym for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

She’ll use her fashion line to create employment opportunities through PLUR’s “Independent Contractor Sales Agent Program.” The popular Instagram star runs two high-end lingerie brands, Madame Methven and Latrodectus, as well as a “festival lingerie line” called Special K.

The initiative will primarily assist “the unemployed and disenfranchised members of the LGBTQI community, the domestic violence survivor community of both men and women, and the sober living community,” she said.

Besides providing employment assistance to those who need it, Methven also said that she plans to raise money “through sales of my new festival lingerie line, Special K, among other means to help as many people as possible.”

Methven said that “10% of all proceeds go to several different charities such as EDM Cares and other EDM/LGBTQI based charities that fight to protect and advance equality and social justice for these communities.”

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