Ever wanted to get Concealed Carry Weapon?

PALM DESERT — For the second time in about six months, East Valley Republican Women Patriots will host a free lecture on obtaining a Concealed Carry Weapon.

On Wednesday, June 21 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., the group will host Troy Willis, of Willis Home Defense, who will share knowledge on how to obtain a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) in Riverside County and the entire state of California.

If you are not a member, you must attend with a member to take the class. Everyone must register.

The free lecture will cover laws concerning justifiable deadly force, pros and cons of carrying a CCW, different types of concealable pistols, training, and more.

Joy Miedecke, president of EVRWP, told Uken Report the group is offering the free session, “Because as of now, the law allows us to apply for and get a concealed carry permit. Why shouldn’t we be able to give the information to the people who have interest? We are a Second Amendment right group, and we believe in the Constitution of the United States.”

There will also be Q & A after.

The lecture will be held at EVRWP’s new headquarter location at 73995 El Paseo, Palm Desert. (Corner of El Paseo and Portola)

Make your reservation today by calling (760) 771-9771.

Data the California Department of Justice published in July 2022 shows that Riverside County has issued at least 29,558 conceal carry weapons.

Across the nation, carry concealed permits increased by 2.3% in 2022 compared to 2021, despite nearly half of U.S. states enacting what have been termed constitutional carry laws that don’t require Americans to obtain a government-issued permit to legally carry firearms, a new report shows.

“As the United States is moving into a post-pandemic era, the number of concealed handgun permits has continued increasing. The figure now stands at 22.01 million – a 2.3% increase since last year,” a report published by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC).

CPRC compiled the data using information from concealed carry permits issued in states across the country this year. The report does not rely on surveys on gun ownership or polls, which CPRC argued can lead to people not answering honestly. A concealed carry weapon (CCW) is the practice of Americans carrying firearms in a public space but in a way that is not visible to others.

“Last year, the number of permit holders continued to grow by about 488,000. At 2.3% growth over 2021, that is the slowest percent and absolute increase that we have seen since we started collecting this data in 2011. Part of that is due to the number of permits declining in the Constitutional Carry states even though it is clear that more people are legally carrying,” the report states.

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