For the second time in a week, proponents of Measure C, Palm Springs Neighbors for Neighborhoods (PSN4N), have received a significant endorsement from a major lodging group.

The California Hotel & Lodging Association and American Hotel & Lodging Association sent Mayor Robert Moon a letter, lending their support to YES on Measure C. PSN4N discovered through a supporter that the mayor received the letter although the Moon failed to let supporters of Measure C know he had received it, according to PSN4N’s manager.

PSN4N announced Sunday that it has also received the endorsement of Small Hotels of Palm Springs (SHoPS) for YES on Measure C to prohibit short-term vacation rentals in single-family neighborhoods.

Measure C is on the June 5 ballot.

“We are so pleased that these major hotel leaders support our effort and realize the value of residential neighborhoods,” PSN4N Campaign Manager Rob Grimm said in a prepared statement. “It is very odd that although the above associations of over 54,000 properties nationwide, with $1.1 trillion in U. S. sales, support Measure C, (but) the local large Palm Springs hotels do not.”

Could their sentiments favor the city because of the more than $500 million they receive in rebates and TOT tax incentives, Grimm asked.

“In addition, it appears that once again the City Council only publishes or speaks about matters opposing Measure C,” Grimm said. “This letter should have been, at a minimum, immediately published on the City’s Measure C website and distributed to the local media.”

In part, the endorsement letter the mayor tried to hide from PSN4N, said, “While the hotel industry supports true home-sharing, whereby hosts welcome guests into their home on an occasional basis for supplemental income, we encourage communities such as Palm Spring to take steps to curb the proliferation of unregulated illegal hotels that violate standard health and safety codes, circumvent zoning requirements and avoid the tax obligations to which every other legitimate lodging operator must adhere.”

You may read the entire letter here.

More information can be found at the group’s website here.