It is the symbol that can propel people to rally mightily behind President Donald J. Trump, or gather in fierce protest to burn it with scorn.

Just in time for 2018 – and the road to mid-term elections — Trump’s signature, “Make America Great Again” caps are available in the Coachella Valley. For many of Trump’s base of supporters, the caps have become a wardrobe staple.

Others, angry Republicans, as you recall, in September burned and charred them over Trump’s possible immigration deal with Democratic leaders.

Jimmy Kimmel even made a Public Service Announcement on how to properly burn a MAGA cap.

Some have purchased the cap as a memento of a historic time in American politics and to honor a man they support as the leader of the Free World.

The question here is will Coachella Valley residents scoop up the signature caps to treasure, wear, or burn?

The East Valley Republican Women Federated has several and many other styles in stock, according to President Joy Miedecke. The group also has FLOTUS, First Lady of the United States, caps.

The group is seeking a donation of $20.

The role of Republican Women Federated is to support all Republican candidates, both men and women, but most of all to get Republican women in office.

EVRWF is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, 78-870 Highway 111 in La Quinta, at the corner of Washington Street between Hobby Lobby and Kohl’s.