Mama’s House 8th annual Heartbeat of Love Luncheon raises more than $400,000

After more than a year of cancelled in-person events, 150 guests, all wearing face masks and socially distancing, showed up to lend their support to Mama’s House.  Due to covid-19 restrictions the attendance was much lower this year, as compared to last year’s luncheon with 1,200 guests, weeks before the shutdown.

The 8th Annual HEARTbeat Of Love Luncheon, held at the Indian Wells Renaissance, raised more than $400,000.  Featured speakers included Larry Elder, Attorney, Author, Radio & TV Talk Show Host, and Herschel Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner and football great.  Major donors attended a VIP Reception the night before, enjoying a lively Q&A with Elder and Walker.

Established in 2013, Mama’s House, is the only residential home within the Coachella Valley providing shelter for women in crisis pregnancies.  To date, Mama’s House has welcomed close to 300 residents and babies, offering an array of comprehensive counseling, educational, and other support services, at no cost, to its residents.  Due to the generosity of its supporters at the organization’s luncheon last year, Mama’s House was able to purchase a second residential property on an acre of land, debt free, for its expansion plan which is underway.

“We are seeing lives transformed and families impacted for generations, which directly affects the surrounding communities,” Jan Lupia, Founder & Executive Director of Mama’s House, said in a prepared statement.  “We educate our residents to gain healthy coping mechanisms and life skills that directly affect their children’s lives and can completely redirect the trajectory of their own lives.”

Mama's House Event Raises $400,000-plus

Joyce Nola and Honoree Dr. Vincent Nola at Mama’s House Luncheon.

Dr. Vincent Nola, a retired OB-GYN, was honored for his nine years of support to Mama’s House.  Dr. Nola believed in Jan Lupia’s dream, and provided unwavering support when the first Mama’s House residence was purchased.

“The mission at Mama’s House has been God ordained from the very first day,” Patricia McDonnell, event co-chair, honorary co-founder and board director, said.  “We have watched this ministry grow more than we could have ever imagined.   Mama’s House has been blessed richly.”

“A politician once said systemic racism is in America’s DNA, which is a lie,” Larry Elder said.  “This is all a game — this racism that everyone is talking about is getting people killed.  Failure to take advantage of opportunities is a bigger problem than racism.”

When asked if he thinks racism holds black people back anymore, Elder said, “If you work hard, stay focused, get a good education, and don’t make bad mistakes you will be just fine.  Just remember, you cannot control the outcome, but you are 100% in control of the effort.”

Elder said he believes the No. 1 problem in America today is the growing number of children who are raised without fathers.  “I salute all those heroic women who are raising children without any help.”

Herschel Walker shared poignant moments from his childhood and how hard work had paid off for him.

“As a kid growing up, I did not like myself or the way I looked,” Walker said. “As a little boy I stuttered and was bullied, which helped me to realize that when you get knocked down you get right back up.  This kid in the 8th grade beat me up, and today I thank him because he woke me up!   I attended the University of Georgia, where I would win in 1982 the Heisman Trophy.  “Hard work does nothing but make you better, because I have worked hard my whole life and have been blessed.

Save the date of Feb. 5, 2022 for the Ninth Annual Mama’s House HEARTbeat of Love Luncheon.

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Herschel Walker, Heisman Trophy winner and featured speaker at Mama’s House Luncheon, Jan Lupia, Event Co-chair, Founder & Executive Director of Mama’s House, Patricia McDonnell, Event Co-chair, Honorary Co-founder of Mama’s House, and Board Director, and Larry Elder, Attorney, Author, Radio & TV Talk Show Host and featured speaker at Mama’s House luncheon.



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