PALM SPRINGS — Michael “Mike” McCulloch, who served on the Palm Springs City Council from December 2003 to December 2007 will challenge Christy Holstege for the District 4 City Council seat, a source close to McCulloch confirmed to Uken Report.

McCulloch, a lifelong resident of this community, had no comment.

Holstege, who is currently serving a one-year rotation as mayor pro tem, is next in line to serve as mayor. She announced her intention to seek re-election in December 2019. If re-elected she would serve as the city’s first female mayor.

McCulloch, a CPA, is president of McCulloch & Company CPA. He is well-known as a fiscal conservative and a longtime public safety advocate.

He reportedly has the support and backing of Donna Higueras, the daughter of Frank Bogert, who is disturbed by the current petition to remove her father’s statue

McCulloch served on the Human Rights Commission. Its mission is to promote and protect the diversity of our community and to improve human relations through education and community awareness.

McCulloch also served on the seven-member Mount San Jacinto Winter Park Authority, a public agency and public corporation of the State of California, is the governing body of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

The Authority has had 20 chairpersons since its inception: O. Earl Coffman (deceased), V.W. Grubbs (deceased), G. David Ackley (deceased), Burton Spivack, John Blatt (deceased), Elliot Field, Richard Shalhoub, Bette Myers, Lloyd Maryanov (deceased), Kathy Block, Ric Service, Elvin W. Moon, Michael McCulloch, John Wessman, Janice Oliphant, Bary Freet, Jerry Ogburn, Jon Sheinberg and, Nancy Stuart and, currently, Brian Nestande.

McCulloch most recently served as treasurer on Alan P. “Alfie” Pettit’s 2019 campaign to help with the candidate’s campaign finance filings. McCulloch has found himself in the same role for other candidates.

He and his wife have been married for 32 years. They have two adult children.





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